Orange Creamsicle Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Orange Creamsicle Vanilla Bean Buttercream

There are two major reasons we love to work with Rachel from First, her recipes are crazy! Seriously, who would have thought of Orange Creamsicle Buttercream made with Vanilla Beans? Second, she's from Michigan. We always enjoy the opportunity to work with our "neighbors", especially when vanilla is involved.

Here is her original post:


One of my favorite childhood drinks was a homemade Orange Julius. We would make them at home with frozen orange juice concentrate, milk, sugar, ice, and vanilla. The vanilla is what makes it special.  My mom suggested doing a vanilla bean Orange Julius with the fantastic vanilla products that Beanilla sent me, but I wanted to do something a little different. Now, I realize that it might be a little confusing that I am talking about and Orange Julius and calling this Orange Creamsicle Buttercream but they have the same flavors and I feel like that and Orange Creamsicle is more recognizable. Am I wrong? Do people know about Orange Juliuses? Julius’s? Julius’? Juliui?

Now I’m confused and in need of a grammar lesson.


Getting back to the point, I kind of love taking fantastic flavors and making them into a buttercream. This would taste amazing on cookies, cake, cupcakes, but….I’ve  been busy. Little E loves graham crackers, and really, who doesn’t? I always have them on hand, and they caught my eye while I was making this frosting. It was the perfect little treat and the graham crackers worked great because they aren’t too sweet, which is a good thing with a super sweet frosting.


I usevanilla bean paste for this recipe. If you’re not familiar with it–here’s what Beanilla has to say about it:

“We are all familiar with vanilla extract, the most popular flavor in the world. Now we offer the same full-bodied vanilla flavor with a unique twist: the addition of the distinctive vanilla seeds in a rich concentrated paste. Use vanilla bean paste’s thicker viscosity to flavor cakes, puddings, cookies, custards, icing, frosting's, whipped cream, ice cream or anywhere the flavor and appearance of vanilla bean is desired. Using vanilla bean paste saves the effort of scraping the seeds from the whole vanilla bean.”

To sum things up, it’s the cat’s meow. I was new to it, but I love it. I love to see those little vanilla bean specks.


Orange Creamsicle Buttercream


1 teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
4 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon orange zest
2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
2 Tablespoons milk or cream


1. In a large bowl, blend all ingredients except milk together using an electric mixer. Add milk in one tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is reached.
2. Spread on cake, cupcakes, cookies or graham crackers. I made a half batch, but make the whole thing if you want to do a cake or a full batch of cupcakes.


Verdict: Love, love, love.
Husband’s take: He loved it too. I was surprised, because he’s more into all things traditional. I told him how shocked I was that he liked it, and he said “Well, don’t get me wrong, I like plain vanilla frosting better.” He was probably worried that my next concoction would be really off the wall.
Changes I would make: None.
Difficulty: Easy!


Featured Ingredients

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