Certified Kosher Parve by Kosher Supervision of America (KSA)
All Natural
Gluten Free

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Grade B)

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Grade B Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans (also called extract beans) contain significantly less moisture and are less attractive. They are smaller and contain many imperfections (splits and cracks), unlike our premium Grade A beans. Don't worry though, because the flavor isn't in the appearance. These beans will work just fine in your homemade vanilla extract, but are not ideal for baking or cooking with.
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Product Name Price
1 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (Glass Vial of 1) - Grade B
3 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Glass Vial of 3) - Grade B
5 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 5) - Grade B
10 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 10) - Grade B
25 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 25) - Grade B
1/2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 72-85 Beans) - Grade B
1 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 125-180 Beans) - Grade B
2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 250-360 Beans) - Grade B
5 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 500 - 690 Beans) - Grade B



Madagascar vanilla beans are processed using the "Bourbon" curing method. These vanilla beans are very distinct, with a flavor and aroma profile that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety.

**Please Note: When purchasing vanilla beans by weight, please be aware that you may not receive the exact number of beans you are expecting from our estimates. Like any agricultural product, our vanilla beans have the potential to vary in length & size from crop-to-crop. If you need to ensure that you receive an exact quantity of whole beans we recommend purchasing a specific quantity amount.**

Additional Info

Additional Info

Grade Grade B (Shorts/Cuts/Splits)
Length 6-7 inches (16cm - 17.5cm)
Size/Amount N/A
Color Dark Brown
Moisture Content 15-25%
Flavor Profile creamy, smooth, full, rich, sweet
Ingredients Vanilla Beans
Qualities All Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Country of Origin



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