Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

    Floral aroma, caramel, anise and cherry-chocolate flavors make vanilla from Tahiti unmistakable and highly prized. Vanilla from Tahiti is often regarded the best in the world. Our 2-Fold Tahitian Vanilla is made with twice the amount of vanilla beans!

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    2 fl oz - Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
    4 fl oz - Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
    8 fl oz - Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
    Pint (16 fl oz) - Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
    Gallon (128 fl oz) - Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)

    Regular Price: $140.95

    Special Price: $131.95


    Vanilla from Tahiti is incredible with an aroma that is floral with tones of ripe fruit. The flavor is rich of chocolate, licorice and caramel. Hand's down our favorite!


    Flavor Vanilla
    Fold (Strength) Double-Fold 2X
    Qualities Gluten-Free, Kosher
    Ingredients Tahitian vanilla bean extractives, water and alcohol.
    Shelf Life 5 Years
    Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place
    Notes This product does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, carriers, antioxidants, ethyl vanillin or coumarin.
    Country of Origin


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    Customer Reviews

    1. Very good

      by Michal Jirku on Dec 23, 2014

      I'm loving this double-fold extract from Tahitian beans. It's rich, flowery and sweet. Unusual experience (for someone who was exclusively on Madagascar now).
    2. THIS is the KIND!

      by Dale on Dec 11, 2014

      This Vanilla Extract double fold is amazing. I have made the Vanilla Extract with Brandy. And Plan to use 100 proof Vodka on my next batch. So I bought a 4 oz. bottle of the Double fold Tahitian to hold me till my batch gets seasoned. All I can say is this is a Gift of the Gods. Happy Holidays and may all you Vanilla needs ROCK.
    3. Great!

      by Lynnette Fields on Sep 1, 2014

      We are completely satisfied with our purchase!
    4. Excellent

      by Phyllis Wallace on Aug 23, 2014

      This is great vanilla. The only thing I don't like is that the price has gone up for it.
    5. Love it!

      by Meranda Batista on Aug 21, 2014

      Couldn't ask for anything better.
    6. Excellent product!

      by Debbie Shaffer on Aug 14, 2014

      Wonderful flavor, excellent quality!
    7. This stuff!

      by Melissa Ducote on Jun 13, 2014

    8. Stephen

      by Stephen Lions on Jun 12, 2014

      Can’t wait to try out some new recipes, and tell my friends about Beanilla.
    9. Tahitian Dream

      by John Dingfelder on Jun 2, 2014

      So this is great! I make my own vanilla simple syrup for my iced coffee. I get notes of dark chocolate and cherry in a complex vanilla! So good.
    10. Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

      by Kari Guilbault on Jun 2, 2014

      Such a great vanilla! Love the double-fold extracts...so much flavor. This is worth purchasing for that honest to goodness vanilla flavor that many other extracts lack.
    11. intense!

      by Barry Silverman on May 17, 2014

      The most deeply rich vanilla flavor & aroma I've ever experienced, from baking to ice cream.
    12. Tahitian Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

      by Colette Collins on May 14, 2014

      Marvelous smell and taste. Slightly different than my previous local vanilla but no complaints.
    13. Beanilla Tahitian Vanilla

      by Anna Roethler on Mar 23, 2014

      I love Beanilla! I ordered their Tahitian Vanilla and it is truly delicious. Having said that...I was completely disappointed in the bottle the vanilla came in. For one; the shape of the top of the bottle is such that when pouring (and I pour carefully), the vanilla tends to run down the side of the bottle instead of pour into your teaspoon measure, which results in wasted product. Secondly; the silver cap which came on the bottle would not tighten after just two uses. I did not overtighten the cap. It is just a cheap design. So...love your vanilla, but am less than enamored with the bottle it comes in. Would be nice to have an eye dropper top. This way, vanilla would not get wasted.
    14. excellent flavor

      by Pam Morarre on Mar 7, 2014

      I buy all of my vanilla products from Beanilla. They are always superior.
    15. excellent flavor

      by Pam Morarre on Mar 7, 2014

      I buy all of my vanilla products from Beanilla. They are always superior.
    16. Good buy

      by Vandana Hardasani on Feb 13, 2014

      Absolutely divine!!
    17. Outstanding

      by Lynne Flournoy on Feb 7, 2014

      I will be buying the gallon size for the next purchase. I never thought about Vanillas being so different from each other. Tahitian goes great when we want a tropic flavor and adds a special zing. I will never buy from a grocery store again!
    18. Economically Fantastic

      by Lynne on Feb 7, 2014

      This is my first order of trying any other vanilla besides imitation or McCormicks.. I'm so glad I bought! There just is no comparing the 2 to any of the flavors sold here. I will be back and buy bigger bottles and never buy grocery store flavors again!
    19. Quality Flavor

      by sue waldron on Feb 2, 2014

      Very good for a quality vanilla
    20. Wonderful

      by Judith Griffith on Jan 30, 2014

      Smells wonderful haven't
      Tried it yet
    21. Great rich vanilla flavor

      by CANDY PERMILLION on Jan 10, 2014

      Another great product from Beanilla! I never want to use the regular store vanilla again. The Tahitian Exctract is wonderful and tasty and give the foods I bake a great taste. No comparison to the vanilla sold in the regular grocery stores. And the price is unbelievable. What a deal!
    22. Good Quality Delicious Vanilla

      by Emily Church on Jan 10, 2014

      I was very happy with my vanilla purchase. I have used it in baking, and the flavor is superb. I can be a bit of a pure food snob, and this vanilla exceeded my expectations. :)
    23. Great stuff

      by Phyllis Wallace on Dec 19, 2013

      Really good vanilla extract. I will buy this again
    24. Great stuff

      by Phyllis Wallace on Dec 19, 2013

      Really good vanilla extract. I will buy this again
    25. worth it

      by Lydia Baggett on Dec 19, 2013

      this is more expensive than extract from the store but worth every penny in quality
    26. Thanks!

      by Cynthia Vansil on Oct 24, 2013

      Pleased with your products!
    27. Bang for the buck!

      by Deirdre Griffin on Oct 13, 2013

      Tahitian vanilla is very expensive so buying it from beanilla saves so much money!! I make my own ice cream and this extract tastes amazing in both vanilla and caramel ice cream! Love it and the company!!
    28. The best!

      by Deborah Zimmermam on Sep 25, 2013

      This is the best vanilla extract I have ever used. So glad I bought it. Well worth the money.
    29. Great taste

      by Adam Bonus on Aug 5, 2013

      Best I've had well least until mine is ready :)
    30. Tahitian Vanilla Extract double fold 2x

      by marie evans on Apr 19, 2013

      this is my first experience with Tahitian vanilla and all I can say is its wonderful!!
    31. great the best

      by janee brooks on Dec 15, 2012

      perfect i wont use anything else

      by Karen Quibell on Dec 4, 2012

    33. I love it!!

      by Kimberly Boyko on Oct 30, 2012

      I love their Tahitian vanilla!!! Thanks!!
    34. wonderful

      by Jena Glaze on Sep 22, 2012

      smells delightful, amazing how different it smells from mexican and madagascar vanilla!
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