Tahitian Vanilla Paste, 3-Fold

    Delicate, Floral and Fruity. Vanilla paste awards the simplicity of using vanilla extract while allowing the convenience, flavor and appearance of using whole vanilla beans.

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    0.85 fl oz - Tahitian Vanilla Paste, 3-Fold
    4 fl oz - Tahitian Vanilla Paste, 3-Fold
    Gallon (128 fl oz) - Tahitian Vanilla Paste, 3-Fold

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    We are all familiar with vanilla extract, the most popular flavor in the world. Now we offer the same full-bodied vanilla flavor with a unique twist: the addition of the distinctive vanilla seeds in a rich concentrated paste. Use vanilla bean paste's thicker viscosity to flavor cakes, puddings, cookies, custards, icing, frosting's, whipped cream, ice cream or anywhere the flavor and appearance of vanilla bean is desired. Using vanilla bean paste saves the effort of scraping the seeds from the whole vanilla bean.

    Our 3-Fold Tahitian Vanilla Bean Paste is made using three times and many vanilla beans as we do in our double strength Beanilla Vanilla Paste. As a result, you get a much fuller, richer and more intense hit of vanilla flavor. Our Vanilla Paste is for the chef or baker who wants a little more performance out of their vanilla flavor. Since it is three times as concentrated, you will use half as much, meaning a little goes a long way. This paste packs a serious flavor punch!


    Fold (Strength) Triple-Fold 3X
    Handling / Storage Store at 40-70F in a tightly sealed original container. Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and air
    Shelf Life 2 Years
    Ingredients Ground Tahitian vanilla beans, vanilla bean extractives, alcohol, water, xanthan gum.
    Qualities Gluten-Free, Kosher
    Appearance No
    Country of Origin Madagascar

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    Customer Reviews

    1. Awesome!

      by Caroline Guillergan on Mar 9, 2015

      I only use the best quality of bean paste in my cakes and cupcakes and so far this is one of the best in aroma and flavor.... it brings out the best in my vanilla cake.
    2. Tahitian Vanilla Paste careful when opening

      by Diane Carleton on Mar 6, 2015

      As a new baker to vanilla paste, I searched to find a source for vanilla paste and was excited to find it at Spice Jungle. This paste added just the right depth and flavor to my apple pie. Not knowing that this is a thick liquid and not the paste consistency I was expecting, I opened the jar slanted and spilled some of the product on my counter. Be careful opening!
    3. Gallon of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Paste

      by Julie Stokes on Feb 26, 2015

      It came in a well wrapped package. Again, amazing flavor, I plan to put this in my buttercream.
    4. Wow

      by Julie Stokes on Jan 21, 2015

      The most amazing vanilla bean I've ever had. I use in cupcakes and buttercream. Simply perfect!!
    5. Vanilla paste

      by LINDA LARSON on Jan 1, 2015

      New products for me so far so good
    6. Love, Love, Love, it!

      by Jan Bellinger on Nov 12, 2014

      The Tahitian Vanilla Paste is great with desserts, such a difference in taste! Will order again.
    7. Great!

      by Jan Bellinger on Nov 5, 2014

      These will make wonderful Christmas gifts.

      Thank you
    8. Great!

      by Jan Bellinger on Nov 5, 2014

      These will make wonderful christmas gifts.

      Thank you
    9. The Tahitian Touch

      by Susan Steadle-Phillips on Oct 20, 2014

      Tahitian vanilla paste is the extra special flavor I want in my homemade goodies. Even though all of Beanilla's vanillas are wonderful, the Tahitian is a step above, the crown on my frostings. Soooo good.
    10. So convenient

      by Stephen on Sep 12, 2014

      Having my Tahitian vanilla in paste form is so convenient! Will buy again!
    11. Oh wow..

      by Sherry Vanderlinden on Aug 27, 2014

      Heaven on earth!
    12. Wonderful product!

      by Debbie Shaffer on Aug 14, 2014

      I love this product! Eliminates the need to scrape the vanilla bean pod but provides the "specks" that cause your guest to think you did.
    13. Vanilla Paste

      by Kimberly Tungate on Jul 23, 2014

      Very happy with this purchase. Will definitely purchase again.
    14. First time with paste.

      by Denis Ivey on Jul 18, 2014

      I've only used this in my coffee so far but what good coffee it makes.
    15. Tahitian vanilla paste perfection.

      by Mary Ann Remstad on Jun 2, 2014

      This vanilla paste is the best. I'd buy it again and again.
    16. Like it!

      by Sarah Abrahamsen on Apr 3, 2014

      Like it!
    17. Good Stuff!

      by Melissa Almond on Apr 2, 2014

      Excellent aromatic vanilla for egg white meringue candies, they looked fancy too.
    18. Great

      by Joy Akins on Mar 19, 2014

    19. EXCELLENT everything!

      by Julie Bakerville on Feb 25, 2014

      Go no where else! Beanilla is tops! Quality!!!
      This paste may be a little pricey however, it goes a loooong way and it is the finest out there that I have found yet!
    20. Good buy

      by Vandana Hardasani on Feb 13, 2014

      Amazing quality!
    21. Excellent Products

      by Betty Sislo on Jan 29, 2014

      I am very happy with all of the products that I have purchased from Beanilla. The quality and service are excellent!
    22. incredible pantry addition

      by Dennis Grogan on Jan 18, 2014

      aromatic and beautiful addition to any recipe calling for vanilla extract! makes for a more beautiful presentation with real vanilla specks!!
    23. What a delicacy!

      by CANDY PERMILLION on Jan 10, 2014

      This was my first time ordering from Beanilla and it won't be my last time. This product was such a treat to use, there is no comparison of this product to the regular vanilla products I buy in the store. Lovely product, very quick delivery and a great quality.
    24. Great stuff

      by Phyllis Wallace on Dec 19, 2013

      I used this in my creme brûlée! Excellent vanilla paste. It made the creme brûlée have a very nice vanilla taste.
    25. Great stuff

      by Phyllis Wallace on Dec 19, 2013

      I used this in my creme brûlée! Excellent vanilla paste. It made the creme brûlée have a very nice vanilla taste.
    26. love it

      by Lydia Baggett on Dec 19, 2013

      vanilla paste is much better than buying cheap vanilla extract from the grocery store
    27. LOVE Beanilla!!!!

      by Angelica Santana on Nov 11, 2013

      I really wish there was another size in between the 4oz jar and the gallon! The gallon, for my home, would be too much. I find that a 4 oz jar only last me a couple of months (about 2). I've already purchased my second jar of this Tahitian vanilla paste as well as several other extracts and I absolutely LOVE it! I'll never go back to super market vanilla again! Also, if there was maybe like a 20 oz jar, that would be perfect!!! :)
    28. Tahitian Vanilla Paste, 3-Fold

      by Ana Alonso-Moller on Sep 26, 2013

      I haven't tried the paste in anything yet but am looking forward to it. I have bought from Beanilla before and been very satisfied
    29. good

      by Brenda Raff on Jun 6, 2013

      This product is very good. It is just to expensive for me. (not your fault)
    30. Smells Amazing

      by Sara Burkhimer on May 31, 2013

      Haven't tried it yet, but smells amazing!
    31. delicious

      by Carol Coordt on Apr 24, 2013

      prompt service
    32. Tahitian vanilla paste

      by Susan Steadle-Phillips on Mar 29, 2013

      Yum! So many uses, too. Along with my baking, it makes a delightful addition to vinaigrette dressing, adds a kick to my CocoaCola, and the kids love it added to the french toast.
    33. love it!

      by joanna collom on Mar 13, 2013

      Great deal!
    34. and it's a winner

      by Tina Kesler on Mar 13, 2013

      love the beans and paste. esp the Tahitian. I put my sugar with the paste into the blender for a vanilla sugar to coat my apples for pie...awesome!
      I gave pricing a 3 only because i would like to see them a little less in cost and also would like to see some discounts (or coupons) for returning customers.
      Thank you shipping department once again fast and efficient- packaged well!
    35. over all it is the best vanilla I have used.

      by Ina Black on Mar 11, 2013

      This is the very best vanilla I have ever used. I made pudding the other day and was told it was the best thing they had ever tasted. The only thing I did different was I used the Tahitian vanilla instead what I normally use.
    36. good deal - arrived on time

      by Gail Floyd on Feb 13, 2013

      Excellent quality - and taste...Would purchase again if I needed this product.
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