Vanilla Samplers

Vanilla Samplers

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    1. Glass Vials

      Vanilla Bean Sampler, 3 Beans of Each Variety (6 Varieties)

      Can't decide on what vanilla bean to try? Experience all of our vanilla bean varieties in our economical sampler products! Each vial/package contains 3 vanilla beans of a particular species. This quantity is also perfect for making 4 ounce bottles of vanilla extract with each of the different types of vanilla.


      Regular Price: $54.95

      Special Price: $49.95

    2. The Vanilla Experience

      The Vanilla Experience (Gift Box)

      A unique and flavorful gift for the vanilla lover! This convenient gift box includes a Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit and 3 glass vials of whole vanilla beans. The choice is yours, build your gift box how you like it!

      Choose your vanilla bean varieties. Choose your Vanilla Experience.


      Out Of Stock

    3. Vanilla Extract Gift Basket

      Vanilla Extract Experience (Gift Basket)

      Pure Vanilla Extract. Prized for its rich, complex flavor and incredibly smooth aroma, pure vanilla extract should be a mainstay in a culinary enthusiast's kitchen. There is no substitute for quality and flavor. Now you can experience four different varieties of pure vanilla extract in this wonderful gift basket of flavor; The Vanilla Extract Experience.


      As low as: $29.95

    4. Vanilla Bean Vial Rack

      Vanilla Bean Vial Rack (Set)

      Display your precious vanilla beans with this artisan made wooden vanilla bean glass vial rack. Each rack is hand crafted using premium quality Cherry, Douglas fir and Pine woods.

      Includes 6 glass vials featuring our various varieties of vanilla beans!


      Regular Price: $69.99

      Special Price: $59.99

      Out Of Stock

    4 items

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