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    • 06 Mar
      Key Lime Pie Mini Parfaits

      key lime pie mini parfait recipe

      There is nothing quite as delicious as a key lime pie! The tart key lime filling mingles well with the sweet and buttery graham cracker crust, but let's not forget the whipped cream! Mounds of freshly whipped cream is an essential component to the perfect key lime pie. But let's be honest, unless you plan on eating the pie directly from the pie plate (which is perfectly acceptable), or you are hosting a beautiful plated dinner, hauling around a plate of pie at a party that is constantly slipping to the edge is a bit cumbersome. I have a solution! Key lime pie mini parfaits!

      Portable and easy to eat in just a few bites, this parfait has all the components of a traditional key lime pie in a very easy to serve size.

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