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  1. Coconut Chips, Toasted (Unsweetened)

    An addictive snack in and of itself. Always get twice as much toasted coconut chips as you think you will need: half for the recipes and half to eat straight from the bag.

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    As low as $6.50
  2. Coconut Chips, Unsweetened

    A simple white dress worn to a beach picnic; simple, clean, and light as air.

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    As low as $5.98
  3. Coconut Flavoring, Natural & Artificial

    Sweet, smooth and buttery. Coconut flavor pairs well with chocolate, butterscotch and caramel.

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    As low as $11.71
  4. Coconut Sugar

    A hippie on the loose – all dreads and vegan diet.

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    As low as $5.90
  5. Coconut, Fancy Shredded

    For those who know that a coconut cake is nothing without a shag topping of this fine-n-sweet stuff.

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    As low as $6.42
  6. Coconut, Macaroon (Finely Shredded)

    When you need a whisper of coconut and not a scream.

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    As low as $6.51
  7. Coconut, Medium Desiccated

    Not quite a powder as macaroon coconut, and not as chunky as flaked or fancy. Easy to measure this is the most friendly form of coconut for baking.

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    As low as $6.49
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