How to Make Vanilla Vodka

Infusing flavors into vodka has gained in popularity over the past few years; I have seen flavors that range from simple to exotic. I tend to lean towards the fruity and sweet so I chose to infuse my vodka with lime peels and Beanilla Tahitian Vanilla beans. I started my infusion by splitting the Tahitian vanilla bean down the center with a sharp chef’s knife, leaving the ends intact, then added fresh lime peels to the bottle. To ensure maximum flavor from the bean and lime peels, the vodka needs to sit for 1-2 weeks.

Tahitian vanilla beans are gorgeous! They are exceptionally large compared to other varieties and are brimming full of vanilla "caviar". They smell sweet and fruity with a touch of chocolate and caramel. Pure vanilla beans from Tahiti are prized for their aroma, size and abundance of vanilla seeds in each pod. Lucky for you, Beanilla is one of the few retail sites that sell true Tahitian vanilla beans from Tahiti!

Upon receiving the Tahitian vanilla bean, I held onto it for about a week before I decided what I wanted create with it. The bean is so special and has such a beautiful aroma and flavor profile that I really did not want to overpower it. Vodka is the perfect vehicle for the flavor of this bean. A good quality vodka has very little flavor and should be smooth and not astringent. This will allow the Tahitian vanilla bean to shine.

Once the vodka has infused, I will photograph the finished product and create a drink especially for you! Stay tuned!!!

How to make Vanilla Vodka (Infused)


  • 750 ml good quality vodka (your preference)
  • 1 Beanilla Tahitian Vanilla Bean (or any vanilla bean of your choosing)
  • Peel from lime (Optional)


Pour vodka in a glass lidded bottle (original vodka bottle works); add vanilla bean and the peel from one lime (optional). Close and let infuse 1-2 weeks* in a cool dark place. Gently shake every other day.

*Depending on your preference, the vodka will be ready in as little as 7-10 days. The longer you let the vanilla sit, the stronger the vanilla flavor will be. Be sure to not let sit too long, or the Vanilla flavor may become too strong.  If this does occur, simply add more vodka to dilute to your desired taste.

Vanilla Vodka mixes well with Ginger Ale (Vernors), Coke, Root Beer, etc.