Strawberry Extract, Natural

    Bursting with strawberry flavor, this extract will add that natural strawberry flavor you desire for your gelatos, strudels, ice creams, cakes and more.

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    Strawberry Extract, (8 fl oz)

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    Strawberry Extract, (128 fl oz / Gallon)

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    If you enjoy fresh strawberry's you'll love our strawberry extract. Made with all natural flavors, this exquisite extract is a sure ticket to achieving that sweet, rich, identifiable strawberry flavor that can't be achieved by artificial flavorings. If you are looking for the real thing - look no further.


    Qualities Gluten-Free, Kosher
    Flavor Berry, Fruit
    Ingredients FDA approved flavor ingredients, water, alcohol and propylene glycol.
    Shelf Life 5 Years
    Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place
    Country of Origin


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    Customer Reviews

    1. Great product

      by Tammy Wong on Mar 5, 2015

      Used this to make homemade marshmallows, they were a huge success!!
    2. Stawberry Extract

      by Rosemarie Croner on Mar 3, 2015

      I can wait to use this in baking!
    3. A hit with the grandkids.

      by Sunny Miller-O'Connor on Feb 14, 2015

      My grandchildren love this in cupcakes, meringue cookies or drinks like sweet tea or even lemon slushies. It's definitely been a hit with them.
    4. Strawberry flavoring

      by Lisa Cavanah on Feb 12, 2015

      I have not tried this yet. I love strawberry cake and I believe this will compliment the cake very nicely.
    5. A nice surprise

      by Rod on Feb 7, 2015

      I took the chance and ordered the gallon size since it was the best deal online. I use strawberry extract to flavor a cream filling for a cookie and I was so tired of trying to find a good flavor without being fake. This was an excellent surprise. The flavor is just right, not over powering, no after taste, just right. I'm so glad I gambled on this one and it paid off.
    6. Exceeds Expectation

      by Carole Maley on Dec 18, 2014

      Everything arrived in pristine condition.The extract smells like fresh strawberries.
    7. Very good

      by Dana McDowell on Dec 17, 2014

      Very nice extract.
    8. Not tried yet

      by Robert McGrath on Nov 21, 2014

      Not tried
    9. Well done Beanilla

      by Eileen Booher on Jul 27, 2014

      I orderd an 8 ounce bottle of strawberry extract. I placed my order and within seconds I received a confirmation email along with a tracking number. Before I could check on the status of my order it arrived! Packaging was perfect, quality of the product was exceptional. Added perfect flavoring to my daughter's strawberry birthday cake. Thanks Beanilla.
    10. Strawberry Extract

      by Felecia McCray on Jul 15, 2014

      Very natural strawberry flavor. I've already placed a second order.
    11. ice cream

      by Laura McMillen on Jul 5, 2014

      I add this to my homemade strawberry ice cream. It adds such great flavor!
    12. Strawberry Extract

      by Sherry Hotaling on Jun 17, 2014

      Very happy with the product. Delivery time was quick, I had the product within days of ordering. Will definitely try other products.
    13. Good buy

      by Alice Rampey on Jun 12, 2014

      Happy to find what I needed.
    14. Love this flavor!

      by Lauren Pittman on Apr 27, 2014

      Great product! Thank you Beanilla.
    15. DELICIOUS!!

      by Deanna Dominno on Apr 24, 2014

      This extract is AMAZING! I bought this extract for my french macarons and it is absolutely delicious. Just the smell of it reminds me of the Nesquik Strawberry Milk I grew up with. Packaging was excellent and shipping was QUICK!
    16. Smells great

      by Asia Murphy on Apr 7, 2014

      I used this is a cake. The smell and taste in the batter was great.
    17. Love it

      by Hope Moore on Mar 12, 2014

      Bought this to help recreate a strawberry cake we had at our wedding (grooms cake). I haven't made it yet, but the packaging was excellent and the scent is strongly strawberry.
    18. Fantastic Product

      by Jennifer Larsen on Feb 21, 2014

      I bought the strawberry extract to use in making fudge for Valentine's Day - wanted to make a play on chocolate covered strawberries. Everyone loved it so I will use this product again and again. Will consider adding it to my strawberry ice cream recipe!
    19. Strawberry extract

      by Ashley Mabe on Jan 31, 2014

      Product came in nice glass bottle and packaging. It seems very high quality in smell but also taste. Doesn't have the artificial taste that most strawberry extracts seem to have.
    20. Strawberry Extract

      by Lynn Kuznoff on Jan 10, 2014

      Had great flavor
    21. Bitter Aftertaste

      by Frank Hart on Dec 20, 2013

      I made a strawberry liquor using 6 lbs of frozen strawberries. The finish liquor did not have enough strawberry flavor so I purchased this extract. I got a stronger strawberry flavor along with a bitter aftertaste, something I did not expect. I looked at the ingredient list and it did not give details about the type of flavoring used, it simply stated that the flavor agents were government approved, again, something I did not expect. This is not a natural extract!
    22. Disappointed

      by Sharon Torrant on Dec 19, 2013

      The color was brown and turned the artificial food color an off- pink shade in the meringues. I would not buy this again.
    23. Where's the Flavor?

      by Cheryl Barnhart on Nov 29, 2013

      The extract smelled fantastic. I used it...and there was absolutely no strawberry flavor that came out in my recipe. I basically ruined a whole batch of candy that I was making.
    24. Excellent!

      by Ginger Hackney on Oct 16, 2013

      This strawberry extract adds so much flavor to cakes and frosting! A little goes along way.
    25. Strawberry extract

      by Catherine Winkler on Sep 25, 2013

      Good value
    26. Strawberry

      by Donnice Justice on Sep 6, 2013

      I ad the strawberry to my morning protein shakes, I also use fresh strawberries but the extract gives a little added flavor.
    27. Strawberry YUM

      by Gina Wallace on Aug 11, 2013

      It smells lovely and I have used it so far in homemade cream cheese and 2 test runs of the wedding cake I'm making for my son's upcoming wedding. The only thing that would have been helpful would be to have some suggested uses on the label somewhere. i.e. 'start with 1 tsp extract and increase to taste' or 'so much extract equals the taste of so many strawberries' or something like that. Otherwise, the amount was a great deal compared to other extracts I found on line.
    28. Awesome

      by Adam Bonus on Aug 5, 2013

      I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it smells divine!
    29. My Cupcakes Were a Hit!

      by Christine Perez on Jul 31, 2013

      Amazing strawberry flavor that tastes so natural and very fragrant.
      Rave reviews for my strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.
    30. EXCELLENT!

      by Laura on Jul 18, 2013

      My husband claimed the strawberry ice cream I made using the extract was better than any store bought, Thanks for a quality product!
    31. strawberry extract

      by Bonnie McCarroll on Jul 10, 2013

      I am so thankful for my purchase. It really brought out the flavor in my cobbler. Everyone loved it.
    32. Great strawberry extract

      by Patricia Salmons on Jul 6, 2013

      Great tasting strawberry extract!
    33. Delicious!

      by Traci Baxendell on Jun 22, 2013

      This is a great extract!
    34. Hopeful,

      by Leslie Farley on Jun 19, 2013

      Tried it in something and I'm not sure what went wrong but I'm not going to blame this right away. So still planning more experimenting just need to have the time.
    35. Excellent flavoring

      by Kathy Marsh on Jun 19, 2013

      The flavor was absolutely wonderful. I used it in a frosting recipe and it tasted terrific, just like strawberries. Used the same amount in place of the vanilla it called for.
    36. Awesome product

      by Ashleigh Collins on Apr 15, 2013

      I bought this product when it was on sale to try it. The sale price was a great deal! The quality is superb! I use it in my strawberry muffins, scones, and cake/cupcakes.
    37. SO delicious!

      by Juli on Mar 28, 2013

      The extract arrived in perfect condition with no leaking or spills. The moment I opened the jar I was shocked at the intense, fruity aroma. It smelled just like fresh strawberries. I couldn't wait to try it! I made chocolate cake with a fresh strawberry frosting. I used a strawberry campote and I used the extract in my frosting to enhance the strawberry flavor. Everyone was raving. I've also used it in chocolate cake and ganache and it's wonderful. The flavor is full, fruity and perfect. The bottle is also much bigger than you usually get at a regular grocery store and the flavor is so much better. The quality for price can't be beat. Another reason why I love Beanilla.
    38. Great taste and smell

      by Deenah DeRowe on Mar 19, 2013

      Just what I needed to enhance the strawberrys for my cupcakes.
    39. *

      by Michelle Lomelin on Mar 3, 2013

    40. Huge, cheap

      by emily cools on Feb 20, 2013

      Larger than I was expecting. I bought it for the sale price and didn't notice the oz. very strawberry.
    41. Delicious

      by Susie Glasscock on Feb 3, 2013

      I used this in a whipped cream topping I put on angel food cake. It was delicious.
    42. Weak flavor

      by Cassandra Shambaugh on Dec 28, 2012

      Flavor was good, but very weak in my Pizzelle recipe, even after adding more.
    43. Waiting

      by Dj Buckau on Dec 28, 2012

      Waiting on this one the jury is still out.
    44. 5 Stars

      by Andreas Nguyen on Dec 21, 2012

      5 Stars
    45. Great: quality and smell

      by Laura Kibby on Dec 16, 2012

      I haven't used this yet for my Christmas candy, but it smells just like fresh picked strawberries! I doubt I can find anything in stores of this quality at a decent price. Great shipping/packaging, no spills.
    46. Good Stuff

      by Wendy Weber Robinson on Dec 11, 2012

      Nice product.
    47. Love This Extract!

      by Maureen Diaz on Sep 13, 2012

      This is a fantastic addition to our morning smoothies, as well as to ice cream, etc. It boosts the flavor in just about anything "berry"! Love it!
    48. Havent used yet

      by Patricia Goldsand on Sep 7, 2012

      Cant wait to try!
    49. Nice! Slight leakage though...

      by Kwang Ai Chong on Aug 23, 2012

      The label was all wet ...although cap was sealed, slight leakage when my package arrived!
    50. awesome

      by keith hall on Aug 12, 2012

      Made a vanilla bean poundcake using Ugandan beans with a strawberry glaze and she said AWESOME!!!!!!!
    51. good quality

      by Janice Voss on Jul 15, 2012

      I like this product
    52. Strawberry Extract

      by Dineen Lee on Jul 7, 2012

      The flavor & scent is like fresh strawberries. Very good in homemade ice cream.
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