chocolate kahlua martini

A few weeks ago, I posted a homemade Kahlua recipe that was perfect for gift giving! I know that you have put aside a small amount for yourself, so I have created a special drink just for you. So, sit down, wrap a few presents and pour yourself a glass of deliciousness!

Kahlua pairs perfectly with chocolate. The coffee in the homemade Kahlua enhances the complex nuances of chocolate. Crushed peppermint candy canes on the rim of your glass adds the perfect touch to this festive drink.

Chocolate Kahlua Martini Recipe

Yields 5-6


12oz. Chocolate Liquor
6oz. Kahlua
Water or vodka for rimming glasses
6 candy canes crushed (food processor works great for this)


Combine chocolate liquor and Kahlua in glass pitcher, stir to combine. Rim glasses with crushed candy cane. Chill drink, serve and enjoy the holiday season!