Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Grade B)

    Grade B Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans (also called extract beans) contain significantly less moisture and are less attractive. They are smaller and contain many imperfections (splits and cracks), unlike our premium Grade A beans. Don't worry though, because the flavor isn't in the appearance. These beans will work just fine in your homemade vanilla extract, but are not ideal for baking or cooking with.

    Product Price Qty.
    1 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (Glass Vial of 1) - Grade B
    3 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Glass Vial of 3) - Grade B
    5 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 5) - Grade B
    10 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 10) - Grade B
    25 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 25) - Grade B
    1/2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 72-85 Beans) - Grade B
    1 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 125-180 Beans) - Grade B
    2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 250-360 Beans) - Grade B
    5 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 500 - 690 Beans) - Grade B


    Madagascar vanilla beans are processed using the "Bourbon" curing method. These vanilla beans are very distinct, with a flavor and aroma profile that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety.

    **Please Note: When purchasing vanilla beans by weight, please be aware that you may not receive the exact number of beans you are expecting from our estimates. Like any agricultural product, our vanilla beans have the potential to vary in length & size from crop-to-crop. If you need to ensure that you receive an exact quantity of whole beans we recommend purchasing a specific quantity amount.**


    Grade Grade B (Shorts/Cuts/Splits)
    Cuisine No
    Length 6-7 inches (16cm - 17.5cm)
    Taste & Aroma No
    Color Dark Brown
    Moisture Content 15-25%
    Flavor Profile creamy, smooth, full, rich, sweet
    Ingredients N/A
    Qualities Gluten-Free
    Country of Origin


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    Customer Reviews

    1. Happy, happy

      by Sheri Barnett on Mar 16, 2015

      Very fast service, beans are gaw-geous and my vanilla will be the best! Thank you, can't wait to make another quality purchase.
    2. Great!

      by Beth Hartwell on Mar 12, 2015

      Happy with delivery, quality, and the scent that enveloped my kitchen once vac/pac had been opened. Good baking, custards, and .... ahead.
    3. Waiting.....

      by Misty T. on Mar 11, 2015

      These beans have such a divine aroma. We split them and started 3 extracts. As we shake and smell we have great anticipation of delights to come.
    4. Vanilla beans order

      by Jan Cranston on Mar 11, 2015

      Order arrived on time and was exactly as I expected. Will order from them again.
    5. great company

      by Gayle Nelsen on Mar 11, 2015

      Loved everything about my order. The process, quantity, price, and quality of the vanilla beans. I will definitely be ordering again.
    6. Very happy

      by Sakina Gibbs on Mar 10, 2015

      We loved the beans we were sent. There are more than we could have hoped for in the two pounds we purchased and the price is incomparable to what we've found so far. The beans were such great quality and we were highly satisfied with the product we were sent. The beans were so full of flavor and we truly believe these beans will give us the high quality extract we've been aiming for. Thank you for such an outstanding product.
    7. Vanilla Beans

      by Jacqueline Hale on Mar 9, 2015

      Great service and product!
    8. Vanilla beans

      by Scarlett Wiles on Mar 9, 2015

      Have only ordered twice from Beanilla, but have been completely satisfied with both orders. Have been making homemade vanilla extract and it is wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful product and quick delivery.
    9. All was well!

      by Paula Wheeler on Mar 7, 2015

      Love these beans. My 3rd time ordering and will do it again. Made great vanilla!!
    10. Beans

      by Cindy Lindberg on Mar 7, 2015

      Fast shipping. Will order again.
    11. Vanilla Beans

      by Cindy Lindberg on Mar 7, 2015

      Excellent help and fast shipping.
    12. 5 Star Review

      by Dorothy F. on Mar 7, 2015

      Very fast delivery. Just what I ordered.
    13. Great customer service

      by Pat Sutherland on Mar 5, 2015

      Looking forward to expanding product line!
    14. Satisfied yet again!

      by Sybil Coleman on Mar 2, 2015

      Recieved my package in a timely manner as always and I currently have most of the beans soaking away nicely in vodka for my extract. I will continue to be a forever customer of Beanilla
    15. Great find

      by Michelle Harmon on Mar 1, 2015

      Glad someone told be about Beanilla!
    16. Super Beans

      by Brenda Wolfe on Mar 1, 2015

      Fast shipping and packaged well.
    17. Nice quality

      by Kristin Lagus on Mar 1, 2015

      Beans are plump, moist, and fragrant. I look forward to the resulting vanilla extract!
    18. 2lbs Grade B Madagascar Beans

      by ERIN WATSON on Feb 25, 2015

      Arrived very quickly. Didn't count but I'm pretty sure there had to have been more beans than advertised, but it was by weight so it's not really surprising. I know Grade B's are thinner but a couple were virtually useless; some were also completely dried out. All in all though I would purchase them again from Beanilla.
    19. Excellent

      by Margaret Tanaka on Feb 25, 2015

      Great product - I'm using the beans for vanilla extract.
    20. Very good!

      by Rachel Rasfeld on Feb 24, 2015

      The beans are nice, even though they are Grade B. I use them mostly for making extract, but some are plump enough to use for regular baking too!
    21. WOW!!!

      by Gail Strickler on Feb 24, 2015

      The beans arrived within two days. They were well packaged and exceeded all of my expectations. I'll definitely be ordering again!
    22. Vanilla Beans

      by Donna Starwalt on Feb 22, 2015

      I ordered just enough to make homemade vanilla extract. Coming along beautifully.
    23. Perfect Extract Beans

      by Victoria Rhyner on Feb 22, 2015

      The shipping was very fast, which was nice as was the vacuum sealed packaging. The beans smelled amazing and the extract that's in process already smells divine. I would definitely recommend Beanilla products to friends and family.
    24. Vanilla beans

      by Gwendy Greenhagen on Feb 22, 2015

      Wonderful for making homemade vanilla extract.
    25. Wonderful aroma

      by Robyn Robinson on Feb 20, 2015

      Easy to work with and such a wonderful scent.
    26. Smells Great

      by Becky Remiger on Feb 17, 2015

      I ordered Grade B beans. They were a little dry, like I expected. I bought them to make my own vanilla extract. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells heavenly.
    27. Home Baker

      by Lori Bassett on Feb 16, 2015

      Ordered vanilla beans for making vanilla extract and sharing with friends. I received very prompt service and delivery, not to mention the beans were wonderful!
    28. Just as promised

      by Sharon J Holton on Feb 16, 2015

      The web navigation, ordering,and check out were easy. The beans were as described. Everything was received ahead of schedule and in great condition. Well packaged.
    29. More than delighted

      by Angela Tarkowski on Feb 16, 2015

      I learned about Beanilla in a magazine and always kept the name in the back of my mind. When I started making changes to my diet and wanted more local foods and knowing exactly what went into it, I made a small batch of vanilla at home purchasing beans from my local grocery store. I fell in love with the flavor of homemade vanilla extract and wanted to make more. When I went to purchase a large quantity of beans, I was floored at how expensive beans were and that you could only buy 3 at a time in a grocery store. Then I remembered Beanilla and went online. I was impressed with the products available and prices. Completing my online order was easy. Following my package with the tracking number provided, helped to calm my nerves about online ordering. My vanilla beans arrived promptly and as described. I am very impressed with Beanilla and will use them again . Highly recommend their website.
    30. 2 lb. Vanilla Beans

      by Tonya Baker on Feb 16, 2015

      Fast shipment, great quality for a great price!!
    31. Vanilla Bean Purchase

      by Bridget Platt on Feb 15, 2015

      Purchased these vanilla beans to make some vanilla extract. The beans came in a clear package and they shipped very quickly. Since this was my first time buying from this site I didn't know what to expect when I purchased them; I found them to be small and sort of on the side of being almost brittle. They did have a good smell though with many small seeds throughout the vanilla pod. I'm hoping they do great in my extract that's brewing.
    32. Yay beans!

      by Amelia Spangler on Feb 14, 2015

      Good value and, though my extract is not ready yet, so far it looks great :)
    33. Satisfied customer

      by Sandy Lubitz on Feb 14, 2015

      As always great product delivered in a timely manner.
    34. Review

      by Lois Murphy on Feb 13, 2015

      Product came as advertised.
    35. Wonderful vanilla beans.

      by Brenda Wheeler on Feb 13, 2015

      I ordered the Grade B vanilla beans to make extract & they were so nice. Full of "caviar". The price is so reasonable & the shipping is fast.
    36. Grade B Beans

      by Sha Tice on Feb 12, 2015

      Good value for great extract.
    37. Vanilla

      by Cindie Price on Feb 12, 2015

      My experience with Beanilla was as good as it could be. I will visit their website again and recommend it to my friends
    38. My first purchase

      by Delores Kenworthy on Feb 12, 2015

      Very impressed. Thank you.
    39. Good purchase.

      by Melissa Pearson on Feb 8, 2015

      This is the second time I've ordered vanilla beans from Beanilla. They are an excellent company! They shipped the beans quickly, and they arrived intact and ready for me to make more vanilla extract. I will definitely order from them again!
    40. Vanilla Beans

      by Matthew Carpenter on Feb 7, 2015

      I have not tasted the vanilla yet because it is not done brewing but I am sure it will be good.
    41. Absolute perfection

      by Tara O. on Feb 7, 2015

      Highly, highly recommend! The quality is way beyond grocery store beans at a fraction of the cost. My order also arrived very quickly.

      I also had to contact Customer Service due to a mistake on my part and they responded within hours. I really can't think of anything that needs improvement.

      Thanks Beanilla! I'm finished with store bought extract.
    42. 5 Stars!

      by robbie white on Feb 7, 2015

    43. Vanilla Beans

      by Dawn Duncan on Feb 6, 2015

      Lightning quick delivery. Making my vanilla as we speak. Can't wait to check out other items!!
    44. Perfect for extract

      by Carey Smith on Feb 5, 2015

      Received these much sooner than expected. Quality was just what I needed for the vanilla extract I was making. Not sure how the extract will turn out as it is too soon to tell....but the beans were great!
    45. First Time Buyer

      by Timothy Boswinkle on Feb 4, 2015

      First time buying and using vanilla beans. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I followed the directions for making vanilla extract. Nicely packaged in a vacuum-sealed package. Upon opening, I didn't smell a whole lot of vanilla to it, was very faint. After prepping the beans and later on that night i noticed my hands had a good vanilla smell to them lol! After a week now in the vodka it has a nice smell to it. Going to be using the extract for Christmas presents!!
    46. Perfect for extract and more

      by Rachel on Feb 4, 2015

      I, like many others, use these beans to make vanilla extract.

      Additionally, I've cut the beans into pieces and put them in a jar of loose-leaf tea to make vanilla tea. It's lovely!
    47. Thanks for the beans

      by Lisa Porria on Feb 2, 2015

      The delivery was very fast. Thank you.
    48. Good choice for making vanilla

      by Racheal on Feb 1, 2015

      They are little more difficult to work with than the grade A beans but are a great choice for making a large batch of vanilla because you can't beat the price for the number of beans you get when ordering in bulk. I purchased a pound of beans and actually needed an additional liter bottle than what I had planned for making because there were so many beans. They take a little longer to prep because they aren't as plump as the grade A beans, but smell lovely and are so worth the time and effort for making your own vanilla.
    49. I'll keep coming back

      by Deborah Sweeney on Jan 31, 2015

      I'm a repeat buyer and I'll keep coming back. The prices, quality and fast shipment can't be beat!
    50. Best Service

      by Chelsy Riddle on Jan 29, 2015

      Fast, friendly service. Product was exactly as described, shipped fast and was just what I was looking for.
    51. Great prices

      by Janet Brown on Jan 29, 2015

      I have ordered vanilla beans from Beanilla before and this order was just as good. I use these beans to make vanilla. They are perfect. If you need pretty beans, order the next grade up, but these serve the purpose and smell wonderful. Great prices here and speedy shipping.
    52. Awesome!!!!!!!

      by Martha Lindner on Jan 28, 2015

      I had never bought vanilla beans before because of their high cost, and being hard to find. Beanilla has many varieties of vanilla with tons of information to read. I am now inspired to use more recipes using vanilla pods. My first experiment was coffee liqeur, so much fun to make! my favorite part was extracting the seeds from the pod. They resemble mini caviar, and my fingers smelled like pipe tobacco. I will definitely order from Beanilla again, and try a different variety.
    53. Wonderful!

      by Denise Troutman on Jan 21, 2015

      So excited to try my first batch of homemade vanilla extract! Planning to give them as gifts next Christmas.
    54. Fun with beans

      by Carol Levy on Jan 21, 2015

      I rely on the fresh quality vanilla beans from Beanilla. I enjoy making my own vanilla extract. It's easy....and I know what is in it. I trust Beanilla to deliver the beans I need.
    55. Fast Shipping

      by K. DuM on Jan 21, 2015

      Love the fast and FREE shipping on the vanilla beans. Living in Michigan I have received them within a couple days of my orders. The Vanilla beans are wonderful for the handmade vanilla extract! Have purchased twice now and will return again.
    56. Good for making vanilla exract

      by Renee Dryer on Jan 18, 2015

      Fine for making vanilla but the beans were skinny and dry.
    57. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean

      by Nancy on Jan 18, 2015

      The beans came fresh and the aroma is superb!
    58. Great vanilla!

      by Kelly Krekelberg on Jan 16, 2015

      I can't wait to try my vanilla extract. Last time I made it everyone loved it & wanted me to make more.
    59. Good buy

      by Vernon Nunes on Jan 15, 2015

      The beans were fresh and aromatic
    60. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

      by Michael on Jan 15, 2015

      My first time using the Grade B Vanilla Beans but not my last. These beans are great for making extract. After a few days the extract was getting a nice color and the smell was amazing. I have used the Grade A Vanilla Beans before for making extract but these seem to work better for extract. I'll definitely be using these again!
    61. Review

      by Teresa Taylor on Jan 14, 2015

      Love free shipping! !
    62. Great beans - great deal

      by Ian Gilbert on Jan 14, 2015

      Perfect beans for extraction. Can't beat the price, and the extraction looks and smells great.
    63. Vanilla beans

      by Janet Plenert on Jan 14, 2015

      Im so excited to be making my own vanilla extract. The grade B beans seem perfect for this task!
    64. Vanilla beans

      by Janet Plenert on Jan 14, 2015

      Im so excited to be making my own vanilla extract. The grade B beans seem perfect for this task!
    65. Pleased

      by Andrea Nguyen on Jan 10, 2015

      This was my first order and I was pleased by the product, price, and shipping.
    66. Madagascar vanilla awaits

      by MARY MORENO-CAIN on Jan 7, 2015

      The beans received for the most part were nice, a few were pretty scrawny and being so, hard to split.
    67. Vanilla

      by Evelyn Pierce on Jan 7, 2015

      I am making vanilla with these beans and started the process only two weeks ago. Gave "quality" 5 stars since the beans smelled so good. Don't have the final product done yet so can't tell how the vanilla is going to taste. But after only two weeks it smells yummy. Looking forward to using it in baking after it's finally "vanilla".
    68. Great quality and taste

      by Theresa Jacobs on Jan 7, 2015

      I made vanilla extract and sugar. It was delicious.
    69. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

      by Karen Hill on Jan 5, 2015

      I am so pleased with the beans and love that the shipping is free and orders arrive so quickly! I have purchased a few times and will again. Thank you.
    70. D

      by DENISE PERDZIAK on Jan 4, 2015

      Thanks for getting them to me so quickly! They were great!
    71. Love this place!!!

      by Bill Albritton on Jan 3, 2015

      This is the second time I have bought from here and I am thrilled with the purchase's I have made! The quality is unsurpassed and the price is much lower than I can find anywhere locally for a lot lower quality. Love cooking with these and making my homemade Vanilla extract one with vodka one with rum and another with bourbon. YUM!!!
    72. madagascar beans.

      by Ellen Barrett on Jan 2, 2015

      I used Vodka for all my beans this time, next time I will try another alcohol.
    73. Beanilla Rocks!

      by Jamalee Rogers on Jan 2, 2015

      Loved our Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We made Vanilla extract for Christmas gifts this year and it was a raging success! Thanks!
    74. Amazing

      by Kate Voss on Jan 1, 2015

      I purchased these (2lbs) to make vanilla extract as Christmas gifts. They arrived in 2 days from when I purchased with free shipping which was fantastic. Beans were as advertised and had much more caviar in them than I expected. Many were plump and not exactly what is call grade B. Everyone asked where I purchased and I didn't hesitate to recommend Beanilla. I thought website was easy to use and find what I was looking for and also found the recipes fantastic. I'm looking forward to using the vanilla extract I made. Fantastic product!
    75. Can't be beat!

      by Linda Schiess on Jan 1, 2015

      Beanilla offers a great product at an excellent price. I also love the recipes and tips on their website.
    76. Nice beans!

      by Sandi Jensen on Jan 1, 2015

      Good quality beans - perfect for making vanilla.
    77. Great Find!

      by PENNI on Jan 1, 2015

      Ordered grade B Madagascar beans in October so that I could make vanilla extract to give to my co-workers at Christmas. With the help of Beanilla I was able to keep the gifts at $2 each AND it was a tremendous hit! The resulting vanilla is out-of-this-world good! Shipping was super fast and the product just as described!
    78. Vanilla

      by Michael Hewitt on Jan 1, 2015

      Great bean to make vanilla extract.
    79. Vanilla Extract

      by Alyssa Cook on Dec 31, 2014

      The vanilla beans currently soaking in some white rum, releasing their excellent vanilla flavor. I cannot wait to use it in my baking in a couple of weeks. I would buy these again to use other than making extract.
    80. Great value

      by Eric Garrett on Dec 30, 2014

      Lots of beans
    81. Madagascar beans for vanilla extract

      by Stephanie Waterman on Dec 30, 2014

      Crazy good- the vanilla was dark and smelled amazing after just a few days. Can't wait to use after 8 weeks infused!

      Will be back for sure and sending all my friends too :)
    82. Great

      by Rachel Franko on Dec 30, 2014

      We had an issue with our address (mistake was made on my end) and Beanilla helped us without any problems. Great customer service and quick delivery. We love Beanilla.
    83. Good Beans!

      by Amy Eversole on Dec 28, 2014

      Just as expected.
    84. Great deal

      by Ian Gilbert on Dec 28, 2014

      The beans went right into my beanilla bottle with some vodka, and started smelling wonderful within a week. They may not have looked picture perfect, but they are extracting more quickly than the plumper beans I bought last time.
    85. Great for Extract

      by Elizabeth on Dec 28, 2014

      I received my order of Grade B Madagascar beans quickly. I used them to start extract as well as to make vanilla sugar. Although certainly not as pretty or plump as grade A, they imparted the flavor I needed for both the extract and the vanilla sugar at a much better price! The extract steeped for 6 months and was excellent.
    86. Vanilla Beans

      by Gwyn Cole on Dec 27, 2014

      Fast delivery and great product.
    87. Great beans!

      by Sandra Gluck on Dec 26, 2014

      Perfect beans for making homemade vanilla in addition to desserts. I recently used them to flavor a sugar syrup used for making candied chestnuts.
    88. Great value for the price!

      by Mary Bowling on Dec 26, 2014

      I received 85 beans in my half pound. They were great quality to use for making vanilla extract. They were vacuum packed. I would definitely recommend Beanilla to my friends.
    89. Great items

      by TERRI TURNER on Dec 25, 2014

      Love this company. Made Christmas vanilla for all my friends
    90. 5 Stars!

      by Jan Kass on Dec 24, 2014

      Exactly what I was expecting
    91. Always satisfied.

      by Linda Schiess on Dec 24, 2014

      The prices are great. The quality and product description accurate. The website informative. I made Vanilla extract for Christmas presents, as well as Vanilla cordial.
    92. Super quick delivery!

      by Ken on Dec 22, 2014

      Ordered beans Friday 4pm, received notice Saturday 11am that they were shipped, and received them Monday (shipped from Michigan to Kansas). Quality appears to be very good. Will probably order from Beanilla next time, too.
    93. My "B" Beans

      by JD on Dec 22, 2014

      I ordered 1/2 pound of Madagascar grade B vanilla beans, and they arrived within a week. When I opened the package, they were in a shrink wrapped in a heavy duty food grade bags. The total count was 77 beans, and most were plump and fat, perfect for extract. I used 7 beans per 8oz jar, and wound up with 11 jars of various extract s using vodka, bourbon and rum. Beanilla is my go-to place for vanilla beans.
    94. Hoping Grade B is OK

      by Nancy Kremer on Dec 22, 2014

      I am using the beans for making vanilla. They seemed rather hard and scrawny. I hope they work sufficiently in making the vanilla. I won't know for several months.
    95. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla bean order

      by Deb Hohorst on Dec 22, 2014

      The vanilla beans I got were perfect when I received them and appreciate Beanilla's prompt fulfillment of my order.
    96. Superb Company and Product

      by Fred Berry on Dec 21, 2014

      My first time making vanilla extract was made easy by Beanilla. After doing my research, I chose Beanilla as my supplier of Vanilla Beans. I chose a winner. The shipping was free and the beans arrived vacuum sealed in just two days. The aroma upon opening the bag was rich and intense. The beans were soft and pliable and easy to slice. Each and every bean was loaded with abundant seed. I bottled all my beans and now await. Beanilla provides superb service with superior products.

      sealed in just two days. Upon opening the bag, I was pleasantly
      surprised by the rich vanilla aroma. The beans were moist and very easy
      to slice and work with. The seeds (caviar) in each and every bean was
      rich and abundant. I filled all my jars with the beans and alcohol and now await the finished product. I could not be happier with the superb service and products
    97. Madagascar

      by Jill Davis on Dec 20, 2014

      Looks and smells good. Can't wait a few weeks for my extract to be done.
    98. Grade B Beans

      by Valerie Brown on Dec 20, 2014

      These extract beans are perfect. Beautifully packaged and fresh, and when using them for ice cream, baking or making vanilla, looks don't matter.
    99. The perfect choice

      by Jennifer Dement on Dec 20, 2014

      These beans are great for vanilla. I am just using my first batch of vanilla and I am so excited to give some as gifts this year. These beans worked perfectly and you can not beat the price. A great value!
    100. Lucky find

      by Jocelyn Craig on Dec 19, 2014

      I was needing more than a few beans for my extract and found exactly what I wanted and am very satisfied. I hope to purchase again in the future.
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