Indonesian Vanilla Beans

    Indonesian Vanilla Beans are sweet with a unique smoky/woody flavor. The flavor is perfect for richer desserts and recipes that call for chocolate, caramel, or other deep flavors. These beans are similar to the Tahitian and Tonga vanilla beans.

    Product Price Qty.
    1 Indonesian Vanilla Bean (Glass Vial of 1)
    3 Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Glass Vial of 3)
    5 Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Package of 5)
    10 Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Package of 10)
    25 Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Package of 25)
    1/2 LB Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Approximately 50 - 80 Beans)
    1 LB Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Approximately 100-155 Beans)
    2 LB Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Approximately 280-310 Beans)
    5 LB Indonesian Vanilla Beans (Approximately 650 - 770 Beans)


    The current lot of Indonesian vanilla beans are very plump, pliable and moist.

    "Though Indonesia produced only commodity-grade beans for years, its offerings are on the upswing. The world's second-largest vanilla exporter now delivers beans that sit between Mexico's and Madagascar's in appearance and boast a distinctly raisiny, acidic, prune-like flavor. Try putting these beans to use in chocolate-based desserts like brownies or hot cocoa. The quality of Indonesian beans varies vastly, so buy them only from a trusted source. $6 for 3 beans,"
                        —Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn/The Wall Street Journal


    Grade Grade A (Gourmet/Premium/Prime)
    Cuisine Indonesian
    Length 5.5-7 inches (14cm-17.5cm)
    Taste & Aroma No
    Color Black
    Moisture Content 25-30%
    Flavor Profile delicate, smoky, woody, sweet
    Ingredients No
    Qualities Gluten-Free, Kosher
    Country of Origin Indonesia


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    Customer Reviews

    1. Tahitian vanilla.beans

      by Daniel Rivera on Mar 11, 2015

      Very good quality I use them for homemade caramels. Much better to use a whole bean than an extract
    2. Vanilla Beans

      by Florence Rost on Feb 7, 2015

      After reviewing all the choices I determined these would make the best vanilla for my use. It seems to be the correct choice ...Thank you
    3. Making Extract

      by Lewis Cynthia on Jan 5, 2015

      Looking to make a form of clear vanilla, This is working well with spiced rum.
    4. Beans

      by Elizabeth Ford on Dec 26, 2014

      Well packaged - shipped/arrived quickly - love these beans!
    5. Indonesian

      by Elizabeth Ellicott on Dec 21, 2014

      These were nice and plump.
    6. Balmy Vanilla Flavor

      by Mel Espina on Dec 18, 2014

      I used these for vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. More of a mellow, warm flavor, sort of balmy and a aromatic finish. A definite do-over!
    7. Happy GranE in South Carolina

      by Elaine Mclane on Nov 20, 2014

      Superior quality, fast delivery, user friendly website. Thank you, Spice Jungle.
    8. Quality

      by Luann Bird on Nov 19, 2014

      They were a smaller bean than I thought.
    9. Hard to get varieties

      by Kent Roberts on Nov 15, 2014

      We tried a sampler and selected this as one of the favorite.
    10. Vanilla

      by Maggie Patterson on Nov 14, 2014

      Love that the beans arrived vacuum sealed!
    11. Oh, the aroma!

      by Janice Biscoe on Nov 13, 2014

      These beans will also be used in my vanilla making process for gifts. I am thankful that you have such a great variety of beans and prices. Everything is so well packed and delivered on time! Thank You!
    12. Great Beans

      by Elizabeth Yates Horton on Oct 16, 2014

      Vanilla Beans arrived on time and were well packaged. Great for making extract.
    13. Indonesian Beans

      by Jacqueline Stokes on Sep 29, 2014

      I have to say, I think these are going to be my favorite beans ever! The smell is amazing, I took a half of a beans worth of caviar and blended it in with my brown sugar and it made a huge difference. It's a great bean, beautiful quality and I can't wait to order more of them!
    14. I strayed..but now I'm back..

      by Jacqueline on Sep 10, 2014

      So I thought I'd try another company and I ordered some beans..WHAT was I thinking?? They were supposed to be premium quality beans that I can use to make vanilla sugar but they were worse than B grade. I don't even know if I can use them for I've learned my lesson and I'm ordering some Indonesian beans..SOOO EXCITED!! I strayed..but I learned an expensive lesson and now I'm back on Team Beanilla!!
    15. Looks Good!

      by Amy Lemmon on Feb 26, 2014

      I have not used these yet but the quality looks great!
    16. quality good - shipping slow

      by michael riley on Feb 3, 2014

      good looking beans once I actually got them.
    17. great product

      by Krystal Lynch on Dec 26, 2013

      I used these to make extract for Christmas gifts and they worked perfectly.
    18. fast

      by Rachel Reitano on Dec 22, 2013

      Awesome product! Super fast delivery!
    19. Good flavor and aroma

      by Chris Thompson on Dec 21, 2013

      Definitely a different flavor and aroma than the Madagascar beans, making for a nice contrast. Not as plump as the Madagascar beans, and several were damaged, but when used for vanilla extract, they performed just fine.
    20. Great Beans

      by Cynthia Tucker on Dec 18, 2013

      Their is not a vanilla bean from Beanilla that is bad!!!
    21. Great

      by Patricia Schirmer on Dec 18, 2013

      Arrived quickly and packaged well. Worked very well for making vanilla sugar and salt.
    22. Wonderful vanilla at a great price

      by Melanie Fisher on Nov 27, 2013

      These beans do have a great smoky/chocolaty aspect. Lovely and moist- awesome find!
    23. The perfect vanilla bean

      by Angela Davis on Nov 20, 2013

      This bean is my idea of the perfect vanilla bean, warm, rich and full of flavor. Close your eyes and sniff....smells like a chocolate covered raisin. Yum.
    24. My first order of Indonesian Vanilla beans

      by Jan Wagner on Nov 5, 2013

      Beans arrived as scheduled. Making my very first batch of Indonesian Vanilla. Cut the flavor profile off the lable and taped it to the bottle so I knoe which bottle is which vanilla.
    25. vanilla beans

      by ruth gingrasso on Nov 5, 2013

      was very eager to get my order and was surprised at how soon I got it. also liked your web site found alot of information about vanilla beans
    26. great

      by Mary Starr on Oct 25, 2013

      beans arrived fresh and fast
    27. Indonesian Vanilla Beans

      by Kurt Eaton on Oct 24, 2013

      Excellent process and product
    28. 8

      by Gregory Harwell on Oct 19, 2013

      Floral Bourbon, more paste, more flavor
    29. <3

      by Katie Berliner on Oct 9, 2013

      good quality beans!
    30. Fantastic

      by Steve DiAnnie on Aug 31, 2013

      Every Bean is in great condition and well packed they are fresh and I never have to worry about getting a bad bean!
    31. Most Pleased!

      by Jimmie Lindsey on Aug 31, 2013

      Second order this "season" and most pleased with freshness and value. Quick to ship too! Will certainly be a returning customer! Thanks!!
    32. Beautiful Beans on 2nd Try

      by Elizabeth Oertel on Aug 21, 2013

      The first order of Indonesian beans I received smelled wonderful, but weren't quite up to snuff. I emailed and heard back almost immediately - the beans were replaced and the 2nd bunch were absolutely beautiful! Big, fat, plump, with a wonderful, pungent aroma - they've been excellent in chocolate and in sugar, coffee - really a very versatile bean.
    33. Vacuum sealed delight

      by Ryan J McCarty on Aug 15, 2013

      Wonderful package, wonderful beans, wonderful!
    34. Excellent

      by Megan Might on Aug 7, 2013

      I'm definitely looking forward to trying more types of beans from here!
    35. Meant for Vanilla Lovers

      by Myriam Wilson on Jul 9, 2013

      The quality of these vanilla beans are amazing. I wish they were cheaper just so I could get more in one purchase.
    36. Excellent value and great product.

      by Jon Ireland on Jun 8, 2013

      I've used Beanilla in the past for vanilla beans and it's great. Their products are very good quality and the shipping and packaging are top notch.
    37. Great site with great prices

      by Penelope Baldwin on May 29, 2013

      I ordered 25 of the Indonesian beans with the website description of " the current lot" being moist plump and pliable. The vacuum seal was loose when I received and I could not agree with the website description. After calling customer service it appears the lot may have changed and the description no longer applied. I decided to keep the beans and they do smell wonderful while making extract. After a little work I scraped the caviar into homemade ice cream that was great. Would recommend the Indonesian however not if wanting moist beans. They are about the level of the grade B.
    38. Very moist and plump.

      by Joseph Kiszka on May 20, 2013

      Very moist and plump. Currently making extract with them.
    39. AWESOME!!!

      by Debra Raff-Monajati on Apr 9, 2013

      I love Beanilla and have recommended this site to many people. Great quality and value :-)
    40. Indonesian Vanilla Beans

      by Bobbie Andring on Apr 3, 2013

      Very worth it...can't find anything in the store at this quality or this price. Can't wait to make some extract with them.
    41. Indonesian vanilla beans

      by Susan Steadle-Phillips on Mar 29, 2013

      Love them! Can't wait until my extract is in full bloom because it smells heavenly. These are a gotta-have.
    42. Great beans

      by Alexander R LeBlanc on Mar 6, 2013

      These beans were beautiful and flavorful, I don't mind the premium price, because it's worth every penny
    43. GREAT

      by leanne baker on Mar 3, 2013

      I havent' had a chance to use it yet but all of the above was great!!! I will be back!
    44. great product

      by Jennifer Ochoa on Feb 13, 2013

      Awesome beans but a little dryer than previous beans.
    45. :-)

      by Eric Peterson on Feb 5, 2013

    46. Excellant

      by Priscilla Gold-Darby on Jan 3, 2013

      What a treat to find these quality vanilla beans at wholesale prices.
    47. seem perfect

      by sadie benson on Dec 28, 2012

      We started making vanilla with these beans 2 days ago. I guess we can't really judge quality of taste until that's done in a couple of months, but the beans smelled amazing!! They were good sized beans in great packaging. Arrived very quickly even though it was a kind of last minute holiday time order.
    48. Good to very good beans

      by Vassilios Avramis on Nov 26, 2012

      They look good but I have not used them yet. I am sure they are O.K.
    49. excellent!

      by Brian Smith on Oct 29, 2012

      everything was perfect!
    50. Wonderful

      by Richard Huggins on Oct 28, 2012

      These beans were an excellent value. The extract from these beans is astonishingly unique with a clear note of chocolate. I am very happy with these beans.
    51. Very Happy

      by Justine Lombardi on Oct 11, 2012

      These beans are fat, moist, and smell great! We made an excellent vanilla been pudding with one last night kitchen smelled wonderful.
    52. Impressive size and great fragrance.

      by Deborah Abell on Sep 23, 2012

      Really great beans.
    53. Smells Awesome

      by Susan Houchin on Aug 6, 2012

      Have 2 bottles of vanilla started can't wait for them to be ready. The price of these beans are the lowest I have found online. Yes the smell is awesome.
    54. Fantastic

      by Pascale Richter on Jul 26, 2012

      Excellent, the product and company
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