Tongan Vanilla Beans

    Palm-fringed beaches, rain forests, lagoons and warm blue water make up the beautiful paradise where these rare and highly sought after vanilla beans are grown. Tonga vanilla beans are extremely bold and pronounced with a very unique aroma and flavor profile.

    Product Price Qty.
    1 Tonga Vanilla Bean (Glass Vial of 1)
    3 Tonga Vanilla Beans (Glass Vial of 3)
    5 Tonga Vanilla Beans (Package of 5)
    10 Tonga Vanilla Beans (Package of 10)
    25 Tonga Vanilla Beans (Package of 25)

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price: $39.99

    1/2 LB Tonga Vanilla Beans (Approximately 45-55 Beans)
    1 LB Tonga Vanilla Beans (Approximately 95-115 Beans)
    2 LB Tonga Vanilla Beans (Approximately 200-220 Beans)
    5 LB Tonga Vanilla Beans (Approximately 515-535 Beans)


    Tonga Vanilla Beans come from The Kingdom of Tonga which is made up of several island groups in the South Pacific. Because of Tong's rich fertile soil, organically grown Vanilla Beans from this region are superior, with flavor and aromatic qualities that make these remarkable to work with. Tonga vanilla beans are frequently used by gourmet chocolate makers because the flavor is extremely bold, pronounced and unique. This type of vanilla will stand up to the fullest flavored deserts. Tonga only produces 144 tons of vanilla annually. We are prod to be the only purveyor to offer you these one of a kind beans online.


    Length: 20-25cm (approx. 8-10 inches)
    Color: Brown
    Place of Origin: Tonga
    Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia
    Flavor/Aroma: strong, full, rich; red wine; aroma of raisins


    Grade Grade A (Gourmet/Premium/Prime)
    Cuisine No
    Length 7-8 inches (18cm - 20cm)
    Taste & Aroma No
    Color Dark Brown
    Moisture Content 30-35%
    Flavor Profile complex, heady, red wine, strong, full, rich
    Ingredients No
    Qualities Gluten-Free, Kosher
    Country of Origin Tonga

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    Customer Reviews

    1. Outstanding!! Top notch

      by Patricia Easton on Mar 7, 2015

      The flavor and quality of this bean is unmatched. Plump and long beans. Great purchase!
    2. Wonderful scent

      by Robyn Robinson on Feb 26, 2015

      Plum beans, rich heady smell of vanilla . Can hardly wait for the finished extract.
    3. Excellent beans at a great price

      by Donna Pawl on Feb 11, 2015

      I usually buy beans from 2 or 3 different locations when placing an order as it gives me a variety of subtle flavors to meld. My latest shipment of Tongan beans was delightful in every way ...
    4. Lovely beans

      by Racheal on Feb 1, 2015

      I purchased these beans exclusively for baking. The beans are moist and have a wonderful aroma. I have since used them for making vanilla ice cream, and they were perfect for the ice cream - has to be the best vanilla bean ice cream I have made. I don't think I would use these for making vanilla extract given that there are several other beans that are a more cost effective choice that will make a very nice homemade vanilla extract, but these are a great choice for baking with rich ingredients when you want to appreciate the vanilla bean flavor.
    5. Huge beans

      by Melora Hunt on Jan 28, 2015

      Wow, these are beautiful. Almost a shame to use them for extract.
    6. Great

      by Gretchen Green on Dec 14, 2014

      I really feel I am on the right track to great vanilla for my baking needs.
    7. Superb flavor

      by Rosalba Fonseca on Dec 11, 2014

      I add one or two along with the Madagascar and I have the best vanilla and vanilla sugar around!
    8. Once again, thrilled with Beanilla!

      by Maureen Diaz on Dec 9, 2014

      Beanilla never fails to amaze me with the quality of their products, the value I receive, or the speed with which my glorious beans arrive; thank you once again, Beanilla-you're the best!!!
    9. Excellent Product

      by Shirley Barbee on Dec 1, 2014

    10. Good

      by Jill Bednarik on Nov 27, 2014

      I think they were a good quality for the price.
    11. Bag length

      by Robert McGrath on Nov 21, 2014

      If the bags were made a tad longer, they could be re-sealed using a vacuum sealer which many of us own.....Excellent quality beans.
    12. Priced as I had expected

      by Kathleen DeWitt on Oct 26, 2014

      I havenot, as yet, used this product.
    13. Tongan vanilla beans

      by Daphne Merk on Oct 23, 2014

      The Tongan beans are always perfect, rich in flavor, aroma and moisture. This is my go to vanilla bean for making home made vanilla extract. These beans never disappoint.
    14. A bakers bean

      by Julie Blakeman on Oct 12, 2014

      These are my new favorite. Plump vanilla pods filled with a unique flavor. It's wonderful in all things baking.
    15. Can't Wait!

      by Christina Gillis on Oct 1, 2014

      I haven't tried them yet, but they smell amazing and came very nicely packaged.
    16. Delighful!

      by Mary Sanger on Sep 27, 2014

      I'm a "newbie" when it comes to making Vanilla extract and I only intended to make a "few" bottle for a couple of my friends but once I saw the choice of beans, I've got 98.5 ounces of extract "working. It's only been two weeks but the Tonga is smelling so good. It's bold and sweet smelling with just a hint of a floral (doesn't smell like flowers. Can't explain) scent. It's just wonderful smelling. Beans were beautiful with great aroma when I unpacked them from the vacuum sealed package. Also, Beanilla has wonderful containers for your vanilla. I've bought three different types and here today to order the small (4 oz) cobalt blue bottles. All my other bottles are 8 oz bottles. I shopped around, read reviews and decided on Beanilla and I won't go anywhere else. Super service. I order and seem to just turn around and the package is at my door!
    17. Assertive beans!

      by Dru Fenster on Sep 21, 2014

      These beans came well packed with fast shipping. quality was just as advertised. I have added them to some alcohol infusions to make extract and am really looking forward to trying it in baked goods in a couple of months. I also plan to make some vanilla sugar and vanilla salt with these beans. I really appreciated the description of the characteristics of each variety of bean. I would like to see more Extract Grade B beans available in the future. Thanks Beanilla!
    18. Very good

      by Miriam Everett on Sep 20, 2014

      Rich in vanilla flavor
    19. Loved them

      by Shannon Hallowell on Sep 4, 2014

      Fast shipping and great product
    20. Dependable

      by Joseph Vernon on Aug 29, 2014

      What more could you ask for?
    21. Fantastic beans!

      by Amanda Banks on Jul 7, 2014

      These beans had a very distinct earthy fig scent. Quite different than the other two beans I purchased - the Ugandan and Tahitian varieties. Excited to compare the different extracts I'm making with all the beans!
    22. Tonga Vanilla Beans

      by Linda R Schmidt on Jun 26, 2014

      Just like last year, when ordered the "top of the line" Madagascar, Mexican, Tahitian, Tongan and Urgandian beans from your company:
      -They all arrived in about four business days, "juicy" fresh in vacuum sealed bag.
      -Very large beans!
      -No S&H charges, even though ordered just ten beans.

      Additionally, last year I called Beanilla, to ask about all the beans they offer. The rep. was so very helpful and informative! Ended up ordering the (above) five beans to make more than enough for home made Vanilla Extract for 2013 and this year, 2014, ( just needed 10 more Tonga beans.).

      If you'd like to read more, let me share with you, what I learned from vanilla making in 2013...after visiting many on line helpful sites...comments/suggestions from Beanilla customers :

      *Do use Glass! 80 proof 750 ml Smirnoff Vodka (bought on sale...6 bottles gives an extra 10% discount at CVS in Las Vegas...cashier...wondered if she thought I was an alcoholic).
      Pour off/save about 1/4 th cup into a very clean container

      20/22... same beans...for each 750 ml glass bottle Smirnoff Vodka.
      -Cut, length wise (kitchen sissors makes it So easy to do) each bean.
      -Put the 20/22 beans in Smirnoff glass bottle. Cap tightly. Shake for 1/2 minutes. Open cap and pour in as much remaining Smirnoff as bottle will hold...with a 1/4th space. Tightly put cap back on! Shake for one minute.

      Label each bottle with type of bean and date. Put in cool, out of direct sun. (I keep mine on kitchen counter where no sun can reach bottles. A/C goes almost full time here in Vegas from May?-->Sept./Oct. each year.

      EVERY week for 2/4 months, shake each bottle! Last year's beans in Vodka for 2 months. This year going to do for 4 months.

      Strain out,, via a mesh strainer the beans...into a bowl. Strain extract, again, through a coffee filter to eliminate the seeds. (Some people might like vanilla with the seeds for ice cream/other deserts.

      Now, the fun begins after 2/4 months of "nursing"/caring for your home made Outstandingly better than any you can buy on line :
      **Buy/have on hand your amber washed and totally dried bottles and lids (Do my bottles in dishwasher...hand wash lids... 1/2..1 oz.. 1 1/2 oz.. 2/3 oz bottles:

      Put each bottle into a small salad bowl? capture any over for next bottle to fill. With a little funnel, (just big enough to fit into top of each bottle), use a tiny ladle or 1/8 th cup, etc. to s-l-o-w-l-y fill each 1/8 inch from top of each lid. Wipe top of each bottle and tightly screw on each lid. Keep in cabinet/anywhere that's out of sun.

      Your home made vanilla will make a little fine gift(s) for family, friends, any event needing a sharing gift from your "heart".

      Also purchased from them the shrink thingies to seal you would buy vanilla at store/on line. Slip top of one super thin thingie over bottle neck/seat it. With hair dryer on "High", blow across lid and thingie until thingie has sealed lid.

      Labels for each kind of vanilla:
      Found Vista Print, an online site, to design and make your own little self sticky labels:
      Curved over top of each round label..."Homemade Vanilla". Curved around bottom of each label was my name.
      Enough room in center of each label to hand write the kind of vanilla you've bottled.

      Anyone, who reads this, rest assured that I am Not promoting any suggested sites I've used for amber round bottles, lids and shrink wrap thingies...nor site used for home made labels.


    23. Good assortment of quality beans

      by Robert Conley on Apr 24, 2014

      Thank you. I will be back for more.
    24. Good quality

      by Cecilia Wong on Apr 24, 2014

      The beans are packaged in sealed plastic bag, and are in very good quality. I have them international shipped to Hong Kong and they arrived within a week!
    25. Recommended purveyor of beans

      by Robert Conley on Apr 22, 2014

      If you want a large selection of high quality vanilla beans at a fair price and excellent customer service, then look no further. This is the place. Thank you!
    26. Excellent products

      by Eugene Ditter on Apr 20, 2014

      I am very pleased with the quality of the beans and the excellent service of all the beans I ordered.
    27. Vanilla extract beginner

      by Adrean Kapeliela on Mar 31, 2014

      I have limited experience with vanilla beans of any variety. I have purchased the grade B Madagascar beans before for making vanilla extract and wanted to try another variety. While the Tongan beans were slightly more plump, I don't think the quality has made a difference when making vanilla extract. The taste difference is yet to be determined since my Tongan vanilla beans are not done steeping. I am pleased with my order experience with Beanilla and will continue to order from them in the future to enjoy new vanilla flavor experiments. I could wish for more grade B options in more varieties, to cut on cost for simply making vanilla extract- Just a suggestion. I rated the packaging as a four because when I cut open the mailing envelope I also ended up cutting through the vacuum package- The reason for this was not due to my lack of carefulness (I cut very close to the edge) but as a result of how close the vacuum sealed package edge was cut by the packager... this small edge was caught in the sticky part of the mailing envelope and because there was so little sealed area the package was no longer air tight. It wasn't a huge deal, but I hadn't anticipated starting my vanilla so soon and was required to do so since it was cut open.
    28. Tongan beans

      by Jennifer Harrison on Mar 21, 2014

      Wonderful, soft beans. Slender and juicy. I started a batch in some light Cruzon rum. The aroma builds with each week.
    29. Tongan Beans

      by Karol Tymecki on Mar 17, 2014

      Working with different beans in making vanilla extract.
    30. Good Quality.

      by patricia blanco on Mar 7, 2014

      Delicious beans and good price. Thanks.
    31. My favorite

      by LaCressa Clardy on Mar 1, 2014

      These were my favorite over the Mexican, tahitian and Madagascar. If they were cheaper I would have ordered a bunch. Tons of seeds, more than the Madagascar. The perfect flavor balance, a mix of all the bean flavors in one. Such a yummy bean!
    32. Impressive

      by Chantel Lamb on Feb 2, 2014

      I placed quite a large order so I could taste and see the difference. These were amazing. Great in every way.

      by Cindy Workman on Jan 10, 2014

      Fast shipping. Well packaged. Nice looking vanilla beans. Made a great Vanilla extract for cooking! Also used in my homemade soaps, lotions and lip balms.
    34. super

      by Rachel Reitano on Dec 22, 2013

      Delicious and aromatic.
    35. Great

      by Henry T Nicholson on Dec 1, 2013

    36. good price great product

      by katelin bankes on Nov 21, 2013

      good price great product, arrived quickly smelled really fresh. i am making vanilla extract for Christmas with it so i didn't get to try it yet but i am looking forward to using it.
    37. My first order of Tonga Vanilla beans

      by Jan Wagner on Nov 5, 2013

      Beans arrived as scheduled. Making my very first batch of Tonga Vanilla. Cut the flavor profile off the lable and taped it to the bottle so I knoe which bottle is which vanilla.
    38. Thanks

      by Christina Troxell on Nov 4, 2013

      Love the beans
    39. good

      by Vivian Barton on Oct 28, 2013

    40. Thanks!

      by Lisa Lorea on Oct 14, 2013

      Fast delivery and high quality, plus an opportunity to try a more exotic vanilla bean.
    41. my kitchen smells yummy

      by Jill Appenzeller on Oct 10, 2013

      very aromatic, moist, I want to eat them out of the package. Makes great vanilla extract (use their recipe!)
    42. tonga vanilla beans

      by Karen Zondo on Oct 8, 2013

      I am delighted I found your sight. I look forward to purchasing more beans and other products asap. the tongan beans were so plump and soft. I recommend to anyone not sure.....don't go to the local grocery and waste your money!
    43. vanilla beans

      by Nancy Cannoy on Oct 8, 2013

      The beans were plump and fresh.
    44. High Quality Vanilla Beans

      by Rene' Moseley on Oct 3, 2013

      I was very impressed with how quickly my shipment arrived and the packaging and labeling. The beans are moist and of excellent quality. I will purchase from Beanilla again and highly recommend the company. I couldn't be happier!!
    45. Tonga Vanilla Beans

      by Mary Brewer on Sep 29, 2013

      Excellent! Flavored my vanilla extract so nicely and I've used the vanilla bean in Bread pudding. YUM!
    46. Satisfied customer

      by Nicolette Barnes on Sep 26, 2013

      I received my order in 2 weeks of placement. This is typical for my online orders, so I was happy with speed of delivery. All items were received in perfect condition. The beans smell wonderful, and a currently brewing in alcohol. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will come back to Beanilla for future orders!
    47. Intense!

      by Lena Berchielli on Sep 25, 2013

      Very nice! Prompt shipping too.
    48. Fantastic

      by Steve DiAnnie on Aug 31, 2013

      Every Bean is in great condition and well packed they are fresh and I never have to worry about getting a bad bean!
    49. leads the pack

      by julie on Aug 31, 2013

      Made vanilla extract with each bean in the sample pack and had a taste off. Tonga was the clear winner. Bought a half pound and shared with all my friends. Everyone says wow.
    50. Made the Raspberry Jam

      by LuAnn Smith on Aug 28, 2013

      Bought a Tonga bean to make the raspberry grand marnier jam that was featured on here. Bean was very moist and I'm looking forward to trying the jam on some scones.
    51. Among the best

      by Christopher McCue on Aug 24, 2013

      Ordered the Madagascar, Indian, Ugandan and Tongan beans, these and the Ugandan were the best of the bunch. Plump, succulent and flexible beans with slightly oily caviar and incredibly rich aroma.
    52. Great Bean

      by Mona Kornegay on Aug 22, 2013

      The Tonga bean is my second favorite, just behind the Tahitian.
    53. Missed Expectations

      by Gregg Boore on Jul 7, 2013

      I thought these would be as good as Tahitian. They are good but not really Tahitian quality or taste.
    54. Tonga bean

      by Joseph Bahnam on Jun 20, 2013

      Very fresh bean but did not have much texture.
    55. I haven't had a chance to try them in baking yet, but they look good and smell great.

      by Wendy Boyes on Apr 23, 2013

      Haven't tried these particular beans out in any baking/cooking yet, but they look and smell amazing. They arrived promptly and in great condition. Thanks for the affordable shipping rate to Canada.
    56. is a bit pricey for one bean that is not organic

      by shirl leonhardt on Apr 5, 2013

      is a bit pricey for one bean that is not organic - need some organic Tonga beans
    57. Tonga vanilla beans

      by Susan Steadle-Phillips on Mar 29, 2013

      Wonderful beans, wonderful flavored extract. I think this is my favorite - and I made a lot because I use a lot.
    58. Great beans

      by Alexander R LeBlanc on Mar 6, 2013

      These beans were beautiful and flavorful, I don't mind the premium price, because it's worth every penny
    59. .

      by adam pfeffer on Feb 25, 2013

    60. great beans good

      by gerald thompson on Feb 14, 2013

      havent used the beans yet
    61. Great!

      by Sandra Motiwalla on Jan 7, 2013

      It's my second time buying from fast problem at all. I like the company a lot. First time, I bought themadagascar vanilla beans which I liked it very much. This tome I chose to give a try Tonka beans and I found very interesting. I'm a huge fan and user of vanilla beans since I don't use processed sugar. Plus the amazing health benefits. Great quality.
    62. seem perfect

      by sadie benson on Dec 28, 2012

      We started making vanilla with these beans 2 days ago. I guess we can't really judge quality of taste until that's done in a couple of months, but the beans smelled amazing!! They were good sized beans in great packaging. Arrived very quickly even though it was a kind of last minute holiday time order.
    63. 4

      by KEVIN KELLY on Dec 10, 2012

      As advertised. Fast USPS shipping.
    64. So quick & easy

      by Jan Tucknott on Oct 29, 2012

      I love being able to quickly get on line and purchase the vanilla I need and have it arrive in no time at all.
    65. You will LOVE them!!

      by Cindy E. Lawson on Oct 17, 2012

      I am so pleased with my order, this is the second order I have placed and the price and quality are unmatched. My first order I split and sent some to my mother, we both are making homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts. I know my family is going to love to get there own cute latch top bottle with a few beans and homemake vanilla extract!!! Yum! Thankyou Beanilla, I will definately be ordering more.
    66. 5

      by Mike Blocker on Sep 17, 2012

    67. Complex

      by Sunny Miller-O'Connor on Sep 17, 2012

      Very different bean with a woodsy, chocolatey aroma. Absolutely divine in my dense flourless chocolate cake!!! I didn't believe this dessert could get any better!
    68. Great Beanilla Quality

      by Alexandra Garcia on Aug 13, 2012

      Very nice quality, plump and fresh.
    69. Excellent beans

      by Bud LaMonica on Aug 6, 2012

      These beans are huge and juicy. It adds a variety to common vanilla available.
    70. Good value for the price

      by Debra Doyle on Jun 28, 2012

      I wanted to make my own vanilla extract and purchased the 6 bean variety from Beanilla. This was my maiden voyage into making vanilla extract for sale. Your products are top of the line!
    71. Perfect everytime

      by MARIA MARRERO on Jun 7, 2012

      I have been getting Vanilla from Beanilla for years now and it has always been a great xperience.
    72. I Love The Beanilla Trading Company

      by Anonymous on Jun 6, 2012

      I've been buying vanilla beans for three years from this website. The TONGA beans are the best ( in my opinion). My orders are always filled and delivered promptly. The beans ( all of them) are fresh and moist, never dried. The Tonga beans are especially plump and filled with vanilla "seeds". They make baking and cooking a special treat.
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