Tahitian Vanilla Maple Syrup, 8 fl oz.

Premium Maple Syrup infused with Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Tahiti.

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The Droscha Family Farm started in 1911 in Mason, Michigan. At the time, they had a few cows, pigs and sheep. Over the next 40 years, the farm would continue to grow to include a dairy operation.

Maple Syrup production began on the farm in 1961. Today, production is done in much the same fashion as it was back then. Trees are tapped in the winter and spring, and the evaporation process takes place over a wood fire. What separates their syrup from many, but not all, "large" (1000+ gal/ year) maple producers is that they do not pre-process their sap by removing water (and other minerals) by reverse osmosis prior to boiling. Secondly, what separates them is that they fire their evaporator exclusively with cured hard wood. Many large operations use fuel oil or other petroleum-based fuels due to the cost of labor. They believe these two aspects help give them their unique flavor. Lastly, their syrup is never bottled in plastic, which they believe has minor, but noticeable, effects on flavor, especially over longer shelf life.

Droscha Sugar Bush bottles medium to light amber syrup with our Tahitian vanilla from Tahiti for a more robust, smooth and aromatic blend of maple and vanilla. This syrup uses vanilla beans from Tahiti and is often considered to be the best in the world. Floral aroma, cherry-chocolate like flavor with tones of ripe fruit, caramel and anise infuse wonderfully with this premium quality maple syrup.

We are excited to offer you this exquisite Michigan-based product of vanilla infused maple syrup!
More Information
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Product StyleLiquid
IngredientsMaple Syrup, Vanilla Beans
Shelf Life5 Years
Handling / StorageStore in a Cool, Dark Location
Country of OriginUnited States


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