Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are superior, with flavor and aromatic qualities that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety. The flavor is rich, dark and creamy with an overwhelming sweet, buttery aroma. These are well suited for many baking recipes, drinks and desserts. If you are trying to decide where to buy vanilla beans then look no further! We know you will agree that our Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar are the best in the world! Available in Wholesale and Bulk amounts.

Product Price Qty.
1 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (Glass Vial of 1)
3 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Glass Vial of 3)
5 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 5)

Regular Price: $7.25

Special Price: $6.25

10 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 10)

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price: $8.40

25 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Package of 25)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price: $22.75

1/2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 50-70 Beans)
1 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 110-130 Beans)
2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 210-230 Beans)
5 LB Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (Approximately 540-560 Beans)


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are very distinct, with a flavor and aroma profile unlike any other vanilla bean. Madagascar vanilla beans are processed using the "Bourbon" curing method. This technique typically produces vanilla beans with higher moisture content. Our gourmet vanilla beans have a moisture content of roughly 33%. You'll notice that there are no breaks or splits within the vanilla beans; another indication of extremely high quality.

The Best Source

"...Madagascar vanilla beans stand up to cooking and have a lovely, warm flavor. The Best Source: Buying vanilla beans in bulk is a great value. Beanilla Trading sells beans, extracts, and powders from around the world, in a variety of quantities. Madagascar beans, $13 for 10,"

Taste-Test Winners, Martha Stewart Living, April 2010

Best of the Bean

"For smooth, pure-tasting vanilla extract, make your own...If you want to fill several bottles, it's worth buying the pods in bulk. charges $13 for 10 (Madagascar variety); the site also sells glass jars"

Ask Martha, Martha Stewart Living, February 2011

Beans In Bulk

"...To save money, order vanilla beans online from sites such as You'll end up spending a lot less ($13 plus shipping for 10 Madagascar beans) than you would buying them from a supermarket. And of course, the more beans you buy, the cheaper they are."

DIY Vanilla Extract, America's Test Kitchen D.I.Y Cookbook, 2012


"No matter the variety, sourcing from high-quality distributors is a must to ensure the freshest, most nuanced beans....Beans should be moist and very pliable; a stiff, brittle feel indicates that the flavor-packed essential oils have evaporated. Stored in a sealed container away from sunlight, vanilla pods will keep for up to a year."

—Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn, Vanilla Beans That Are Anything but Plain Vanilla, The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 21, 2013

**Please Note: When purchasing vanilla beans by weight, please be aware that you may not receive the exact number of beans you are expecting from our estimates. Like any agricultural product, our vanilla beans have the potential to vary in length & size from crop-to-crop. If you need to ensure that you receive an exact quantity of whole beans we recommend purchasing a specific quantity amount.**


Grade Grade A (Gourmet/Premium/Prime)
Cuisine No
Length 5.5-7 inches (14cm-17.5cm)
Taste & Aroma No
Color Black
Moisture Content 30-35%
Flavor Profile creamy, strong, full, rich
Dietary Gluten-Free
Country of Origin Madagascar

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Customer Reviews

  1. Yummy!

    by Melissa Simmons on Aug 26, 2014

    These vanilla beans are big, tender and smell oh so good! They are making some yummy vanilla extract and Kahlua as I type for Christmas gifts. Can't wait to try them!
  2. Love these vanilla beans!

    by Emily Byrd on Aug 26, 2014

    Love these vanilla beans!
  3. Great product

    by Barbara Clark on Aug 26, 2014

    So glad I found this site, have shared with all my baking friends. Price was wonderful, one local store wanted $9.00 for one bean. I told them I had a much better source, LOL!
  4. Best value for beans anywhere...

    by Carrie Nelson on Aug 25, 2014

    Best value for beans anywhere...
  5. Bean LOVE!

    by Cindy Dozier on Aug 25, 2014

    Love the beans! My Vanilla turns out amazing! This is my 2nd time ordering beans from Beanilla and absolutely love them!!!
  6. Cheaper than others

    by Jessica Yoon on Aug 25, 2014

    I received 10 beans from Beanilla in a vacuum sealed package. The same money would have bought me 2 beans from another store. Beanilla does recommend storing in a glass jar FYI. I will have to buy that next.
  7. Good beans!

    by Amy Brune on Aug 25, 2014

    Very good quality vanilla beans.
  8. Very prompt service

    by Samantha Cuccaro on Aug 25, 2014

    Very happy with my purchase and how quickly it arrived. Will be back to the site for future purchases.
  9. Very prompt service

    by Samantha Cuccaro on Aug 25, 2014

    Very happy with my purchase and how quickly it arrived. Will be back to the site for future purchases.
  10. Vanilla beans

    by Melanie Baldueza on Aug 25, 2014

    Vanilla Beans were vacuumed sealed and arrived very fast. Can't wait for my vanilla extract to be ready.

    by Faith Marie Connolly on Aug 25, 2014

    I was so happy to receive the vanilla beans!!! The price was outstanding!!! And delivery was very quick. I have not used them yet, but am waiting for my peaches to ripen so I can make some peach and vanilla ice cream!!!!!!!! Thank you, again!
  12. Great vanilla bean

    by Susan Shackelton on Aug 24, 2014

    This is the second year I have made my own vanilla from Beanilla vanilla beans. Beanilla has great prices, quick shipping and excellent quality. After last year's wonderful experience I did not hesitate to order again. Thank you Beanilla
  13. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

    by Alicja Bielecka on Aug 24, 2014

    SUPER !!!!
  14. Happiness!!

    by Kristie Whitley on Aug 24, 2014

    I'm enjoying the vanilla beans I purchased. I mailed two of the beans to a friend who has never made her own vanilla extract before. She told me she was enjoying the aroma so much that she just wanted to keep the beans the way they were for awhile.
  15. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

    by Tom Case on Aug 23, 2014

    We will definitely order more vanilla beans from Beanilla in the future. A 5 Star Company with 5 Star products.
  16. Perfect present

    by Nancy Badavas on Aug 23, 2014

    I love your vanilla beans. I have just made my vanilla which I will be giving for Christmas presents. I will continue to order on a yearly basis. It is a special treat for everyone.
  17. The best.......

    by Cynthia Ireland on Aug 22, 2014

    Great beans, great service and great value! Thank you!!
  18. Beautiful Beans

    by KATLEEN GILLEN on Aug 22, 2014

    We purchased 25 Madagascar Vanilla Beans to make vanilla with. It is proccessing nicely! We give it a shake and sniff every week and can't wait to use it. It will be ready for our holiday baking. On a side note, I accidently ordered some beans from another seller with a name very similar to yours and they were very dried out and I sent them back right away. I will only order from your site from now on.
  19. Great Experience

    by Brandi Carmon on Aug 22, 2014

    Have always had an excellent experience using Customer Service responds timely and always very hospitable and accommodating.
  20. Great Product

    by Michael Hill on Aug 22, 2014

    The beans were great and arrived extremely fast. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.
  21. Excellent product!!

    by Lourdes Mannise on Aug 22, 2014

    The quality of these beans is excellent!!!! Looking forward to buy more!!!!
  22. Beans look great

    by Melissa Wise on Aug 22, 2014

    I confess, I haven't actually used the beans yet -but I am looking forward to it. The package arrived quickly and the beans themselves look plump and very fresh.
  23. Excelllent Product

    by Donna Mitchell on Aug 21, 2014

    This is my 3rd purchase and I will continue to buy from Beanilla. Excellent product, fast shipping, good communication. What else could you ask for??
  24. Great deal and great product.

    by Dawn Jaquette on Aug 21, 2014

    Definitely will buy from again!
  25. Super plump!

    by Brittany Tribel on Aug 21, 2014

    I was surprised when I got these in the mail at how plump they were! Every bean seems to contain a very generous amount of caviar. I used most to make home extract, but I've used a few in baked goods and blended drinks. Very flavorful and very good quality. Compared to the expensive 2-3 packs, or singles, at specialty food stores, these are MUCH more economical and MUCH better quality!
  26. Was truly mpressed.

    by Susan Hogan on Aug 21, 2014

    Very Pleased. Will be back. thanks
  27. Vanilla Beans

    by Tawana Gormley on Aug 21, 2014

    There simply is NO other place to buy beans! Best quality, best value and excellent service.
  28. Vanilla

    by Linda on Aug 21, 2014

    Just put my beans in the alcohol. Marked my calendar for 8 weeks. Excited to try it when it's ready. Beans came earlier then expected. Smelled wonderful.
  29. Bulk Vanilla Beans

    by Marian haynes on Aug 21, 2014

    Superb product. Outstanding company.
  30. My Order

    by Sanford Williamson on Aug 21, 2014

    My order arrived in a timely manner, well packaged and was as promised. This is my second order from Beanilla and will not be my last.
  31. madagascar vanilla beans

    by Kimberly Humphries on Aug 21, 2014

    3 people here at work went in on buying them. We all were pleased with them. We are making homemade vanilla to use and give away for Christmas gifts. I would highly recommend this website to friends and anyone for that matter. thankyou!
  32. first puchase from beanilla

    by Carolyn Haff on Aug 21, 2014

    So happy with my purchase. Soon will be ordering again - glad to find you!
  33. Vanilla Beans

    by Cynthia Akre on Aug 21, 2014

    My package of vanilla beans arrived quickly and the ordering process was fast and easy. The vanilla beans were nicely sealed and packaged and look so fresh and "clean". My favorite part was "no shipping" charges :) Without a doubt, I will order from Beanilla again! Thank you!
  34. Excellent quality

    by Donna Wilson on Aug 20, 2014

    Prompt service and an excellent product.
  35. So Far So Good

    by Vincent Barber on Aug 20, 2014

    This is my first try at making Vanilla Extract, but I've got high hopes! The beans were very fresh and well packaged, and gooey. They've been soaking for a little over 2 weeks now, and the fluid is getting very dark already.
  36. Vanilla

    by Michele Weisberg on Aug 20, 2014

    Worked just great for my vanilla extract gift bottles!
  37. Madagascar vanilla beans

    by Heather Parker on Aug 20, 2014

    Second time I have bought from here and they have been the quickest and easiest place I have ordered from. The beans have also been really good. They are fresh feeling, tasting, and smelling.
  38. 10 Vanilla Beans

    by Carolynn Southern on Aug 20, 2014

    All was great and a really good value!!!
  39. I love my beans!

    by Sherry Hill-Ragsdale on Aug 20, 2014

    I love the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans I buy from Beanilla. They give my homemade ice cream the BEST flavor!!! I cannot find them very easily in my neck of the woods and when I do, they are VERY expensive! Thank you very much!!!!!!
  40. Freshest Of The Fresh!

    by Robert Makuch on Aug 20, 2014

    Fresh beans perfect for my culinary needs. I won't get them from anywhere else!!!
  41. Only place for vanilla online

    by Charles Owens on Aug 19, 2014

    This is the only place I would shop for vanilla. I have been a customer for several years now.
  42. Good Beans Good Price

    by Lisa Wyckoff on Aug 18, 2014

    I have been making vanilla extract with vodka and rum. I bought some beans from another source. They were wet, squishy and smelled moldy. I heard about Beanilla from a friend and decided to give them a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. They arrived quickly and were nice plump beans. They are currently soaking in rum and will make great gifts for Christmas.
  43. Very nice beans

    by Claire Harlow on Aug 18, 2014

    I love these, have some soaking now to make vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. They came 10 to a pack, the only thing I'd like to see is a way to open the pack and pull one or so out but still keep them sealed. I have since put them in a zip lock bag.
  44. I will certainly buy again!!

    by Douglas Santos on Aug 17, 2014

    I liked very much the product quality, the package was ok (just ok because I thought the beans would come individually wrapped and it were not, what make very difficult to store after you open the package). The delivery was fast and the beans are very good, the smell is amazing and there are a lot of seeds!

  45. Great Value!

    by John B. Szabo on Aug 17, 2014

    Beans arrived ahead of scheduled delivery time. Great quality, good value for the money. Will order more in the future.
  46. Nice beans!

    by Katherine Olds on Aug 17, 2014

    Nice beans for the price! Super fast shipping!
  47. First time vanilla bean user

    by Michelle Mendoza on Aug 17, 2014

    They came in a vacuum packed bag and smelled great when I opened them. I already made a cake, have vanilla extract in process for Christmas, and vanilla infused vodka. The jar I have the beans stored in already smells great! After we finished infusing the vodka we didn't throw away the bean shell, we stored it in out sugar bowl!
  48. Very fresh

    by Lori Martin on Aug 17, 2014

    High quality beans, very soft and oily. Packaging does not lend itself to partial use. A sealed glass jar is almost required if you aren't using all of them at once.
  49. Awesome

    by David Rodriguez on Aug 16, 2014

    Very affordable prices !! Y'all are great company.
  50. Great beans. Hope they last until I use them all.

    by Gail Franklin on Aug 16, 2014

    The vanilla beans added a great taste to my homemade ice cream. I am curious to see if they last as long in storage as advertised.
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