Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

Smooth rich and creamy. Madagascar vanilla is a favorite among chefs around the world. This traditional type of vanilla adds an incredibly full flavor to any style of dessert. Our 2-Fold Madagascar Vanilla is made with twice the amount of vanilla beans! Buy Wholesale Vanilla Extract in bulk and save.

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2 fl oz - Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
4 fl oz - Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
8 fl oz - Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
Pint (16 fl oz) - Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)
Gallon (128 fl oz) - Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold)

Regular Price: $145.00

Special Price: $109.95


The renowned Bourbon appellation of Madagascar is a sure ticket to the deep creamy and sweet notes that made this origin famous for vanilla. The quality of the vanilla beans used in this extract are known as "splits", which are achieved when the farmers leave the pods to mature on the vines a few weeks after conventional harvest time. This gives the finished product a full body impact and a remarkable after taste.

We offer this premium extract in both single-fold or double-fold solutions. Our 2-Fold extracts are made with twice the amount of beans used for the same volume of single-fold extract. This results in a more concentrated (double-strength) extract that only requires you to use half the amount normally used in recipes.


Flavor Vanilla
Fold (Strength) Double-Fold 2X
Dietary Gluten-Free, Kosher
Ingredients Madagascar vanilla bean extractives, water and alcohol.
Shelf Life 5 Years
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place
Notes This product does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, carriers, antioxidants, ethyl vanillin or coumarin.
Country of Origin Madagascar


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Customer Reviews

  1. We got the gallon...

    by Penelope Xanthakis on Feb 19, 2015

    5 Star Product
  2. A Great Value

    by Dawn Cadigan on Dec 26, 2014

    I buy the large 128-ounce bottle and it lasts me forever - and I bake a lot! It's so much better than making trip after trip to the store for their so-called "real" vanilla extract. This is so much more intense and the taste is enhanced by using two fold. The smell is amazing not only of the vanilla but the final product as well.
  3. Very good

    by Michal Jirku on Dec 23, 2014

    This is a decent extract, with hardly noticeable alcohol (after)taste even when tasting "straight from the bottle". Trouble is, that after tasting the Tahitian extract... this one seems somehow... plain. Boring. Just your usual extract.

    If you ignore the Tahitian part, it's definitely a very good choice for vanilla extract.
  4. Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

    by Ivy Sew on Dec 13, 2014

    Bought this to use in my baking for the time being as I am making own vanilla extract which is only good to be harvested at least a month. For the time being, the bottle double fold extract is excellent!
  5. Wow!

    by Charles Nicholas on Dec 12, 2014

    The flavor is excellent. Only "issue" I have is getting used to cutting the volume down to match the strength. This will work well in my home made ice cream.
  6. Stellar

    by Robyn Robinson on Dec 10, 2014

    Made some sugar cookies and everyone want to know the special secret. Most excellant vanilla unbelievable the difference it made.
  7. Best ever!

    by Dorothy Trewyn on Dec 9, 2014

    Great products from a superior company. I love this supplier!
  8. Baking

    by Edward McCarthy on Dec 7, 2014

    have already made great cupcakes and cheesecakes ( both whole pan and individual )
  9. vanilla

    by Deborah Fayne on Nov 9, 2014

    very happy
  10. Giving 3 stars for quality but not value

    by Ashley Augustine on Oct 28, 2014

    I am constantly seeking out the best vanilla extract available (currently waiting on my first batch of homemade to complete curing). After I ordered this I came across a good deal in a discount store for other brand "gourmet double strength vanilla" so I picked it up. I also had a bottle of regular store McCormick brand on the shelf. When my Madagascar double fold came in I did a blind taste test with exactly 1/2 tsp. of vanilla in 1/2 c. milk with a bit of sugar with my family and extended family, who happened to be visiting that day. McCormick lost the challenge by a LONG shot-it had a very noticeable, chemical and burnt flavor. Between the two better vanillas, the other gourmet double fold had much more solid and unmistakeably vanilla flavor (and better aroma straight out the bottle). Beanilla's was milder, with a slightly more floral note. Being that Beanilla's cost twice as much as the other, I feel like I definitely got less bang for my buck. I'm curious to see how the beans play out in my homemade extract (also attempting double fold). Don't get me wrong, Beanilla's Madagascar double fold is good vanilla, and greatly superior to average grocery store vanilla, but when compared to the other gourmet double strength brands I've tried it didn't measure up, despite costing more.
  11. Economical

    by Sue Leedom on Oct 27, 2014

    Loved it. Economical because I don't need to use as much
  12. Worth it!

    by Holly Grammer on Oct 20, 2014

    Always just used the grocery store vanilla, but it was easy to overdo and get a taste I didn't like. Tried this today, and what a difference in flavor! Not to strong, but it really complemented the caramel I was making. Very smooth taste.
  13. Excellent

    by Ginger Stegall on Oct 16, 2014

    Love this product that I order and give for gifts.
  14. Vanilla

    by Bethany Wood on Sep 21, 2014

    So glad to find a place to buy in larger quantities!!
  15. Returning Customer

    by sue waldron on Aug 28, 2014

    Because you have a Good Value & quality
  16. #100065852

    by Anthony Connelly on Aug 24, 2014

    The vanilla is great, the small metal cap will not tighten properly after opened.
  17. Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

    by Nikki Holwell on Aug 14, 2014

    Very good flavor.
  18. Yummy Extract!

    by KRISTEN BYRNE on Aug 1, 2014

    The most delicious smelling, yummy tasting extract. Way better than anything you can get in the store! I highly recommend it!!
  19. vanilla

    by Kellie Weber on Jun 2, 2014

    simply put - Great tasting vanilla - GREAT price.!
  20. Madagascar Vanilla Extract (Double-Fold 2X)

    by Kari Guilbault on Jun 2, 2014

    Awesomeness in a bottle! If I could wear this stuff, I would haha Great flavor and my go-to vanilla for baked goods and ice creams.
  21. Mmmmm....

    by Jamie Nowinski on May 28, 2014

    I love this stuff! I made two batches of vanilla ice cream in my new ice cream maker using this vanilla. The flavor is amazingly smooth. Thank you! :-)
  22. Delicious Vanilla flavor!!!

    by Jane Whitmore on Apr 27, 2014

    Very good. Tasted wonderful in my last 2 desserts I made.
  23. Beautiful product!

    by Ben Richards on Apr 26, 2014

    Only bummer was a loose lid that leaked during shipping... minor detail on such beautiful vanilla!!!
  24. LOVE IT!!

    by Deanna Dominno on Apr 24, 2014

    I don't think I'll ever go back to a store bought vanilla extract - I put this in EVERYTHING that I bake. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this flavor and company - packaging was excellent and very fast shipping.
  25. Great

    by gillyan mcneal on Apr 16, 2014

    Return customer
  26. Love, Love, Love.

    by Janie Sabin on Apr 16, 2014

    This is the best Vanilla Extract I have ever used. I put it in everything now and it adds great flavor. I would recommend it to anyone.
  27. Great Bouquet

    by Ric Kiesel on Apr 4, 2014

    Wonderful scent of vanilla without being cloying.
  28. Madagascar Double Fold Vanilla

    by Cynthia Clontz on Mar 29, 2014

    Delicious! Shipping was quick, highly recommend this company.
  29. They get is right every time

    by Kendall Lougheed on Mar 19, 2014

    This is my second order and wow! I get what I order right away and I am very happy with the quality. How easy is that?
  30. extracts

    by Deborah Fayne on Feb 21, 2014

    Always happy with the quality of the products
  31. great value

    by Daniel Rhule on Feb 20, 2014

    Excellent transaction.
  32. SUPERB!!!

    by Lynne Flournoy on Feb 7, 2014

    I've only purchased store extracts before we bought these.. I have missed so much! I am actually going to buy the gallon next.The 2x goes a long way. I can even reduce the amount of flavoring and still have a lot of flavor in my bake goods. Madagascar is my favorite!
  33. Utterly Delicious!

    by Lynne on Feb 7, 2014

    The only regret I have is I didn't find this years sooner. I am never going to buy grocery store wanna be vanillas again. So smooth and delicious!
  34. Brand

    by Nancy Clemens on Jan 23, 2014

    When buying vanilla extract at the grocery store it never lists if it's Madagascar or where it's from.
  35. Bought as a Gift

    by Philip Louanis on Jan 10, 2014

    She is a home baker and has been looking for Madagacar Vanilla and glad to find one that is not Nielson.
  36. Good Value - Great Product

    by Linda Shaw on Jan 10, 2014

    I bought 4 and gave 3 to my children and kept one for myself - smells amazing and good value
  37. Vanilla Extract

    by Deborah Keener on Jan 4, 2014

    This is just what I was looking for at a reasonable price. Great value!
  38. Smooth!

    by Cheryl Stark on Dec 20, 2013

    I use alot of extract of all kinds and am so excited to be able to add Beanilla to my list of trusted suppliers. I highly recommend the vanilla extract. It adds such a nice depth to whatever you add it to without bitterness or a foul after taste. Thanks!
  39. Madagascar - trying something different

    by Rhonda Cloudt on Dec 11, 2013

    Wanted to try something different. So glad I did. Great flavor and aroma....Love these beans!
  40. Review

    by Ann Mones on Nov 22, 2013

    Everything was fine!
  41. Nice product

    by Kyle Pileggi on Nov 11, 2013

    The quality of product is great!
  42. Wonderful!

    by LINDSEY MEYS on Nov 1, 2013

    Wow, what a great product! I made some regular vanilla buttercream this weekend, but with this... Whole new level! It's absolutely wonderful!
  43. 5 STAR ALL THE WAY ! ! !

    by MARGARET EINK on Oct 31, 2013

    This is the most wonderful vanilla I have ever experienced. The flavor, aroma and flavoring incorporation into desserts is wonderfully pleasant and full flavored. The price/value is the greatest I have seen. And even the packaging is 5 STAR ! ! ! WOW ! ! ! such a great vanilla you make. Thank you. I will always purchase my vanilla from you.
  44. love the aroma

    by David Lugo on Oct 7, 2013

    Great also
  45. Great!

    by Lesa Lenix on Sep 25, 2013

    The best vanilla I have tried.
  46. Bettie

    by Bettie Schaefer on Aug 8, 2013

    I was very satisfied with my vanilla.
  47. Pleasantly Surprised

    by Christine Perez on Jul 31, 2013

    This has been the best vanilla extract I have found to date and can't beat the price.
  48. Madagascar Vanilla Extract

    by Caroline Nespor on Jul 5, 2013

    Superb quality at a reasonable price. Always excellent as are the vanilla pods ( not bought this time)
  49. Great Stuff

    by Shannon Yoder on Jun 4, 2013

    The smell and quality of this vanilla is great and having such a large quantity for such a good price is awesome.
  50. Need My Calculator???

    by Gary Merriam on May 20, 2013

    Costs $20 for a pint of DOUBLE STRENGTH or you can continue to pay $14+ at your local grocers for 2 ounces!!! DOES ANYONE NEED MY CALCULATOR HERE?!?!?!?!
  51. great product

    by gladys fulbright on Apr 5, 2013

    will order again
  52. Premium

    by Denise Little on Mar 4, 2013

    This is my only source for flavorings! You won't be dissapointed!
    Happy Baking!
  53. Just ok

    by Ruth Shin on Mar 3, 2013

    I normally get my double strength vanilla extract from a different source, but the price was always a little hefty. I decided to give Beanilla's a shot, because I knew they were known for amazing quality beans. However, I am somewhat disappointed by their 2X vanilla. It really doesn't have the intensity a 2x should have. It is good to use as a regular vanilla. I will be paying extra from the other vendor in the future for their double strength.
  54. So happy!

    by Michelle Warren-Williams on Feb 26, 2013

    Excellent product and packing. Super fast shipping. Great price. Pleasantly surprised!! Thanks so much!! I highly recommend.
  55. Great products!

    by Smokey Forester on Feb 8, 2013

    Great products, great prices, quick delivery.
  56. Excellent product, fast shipping

    by Karl Person on Jan 18, 2013

    Will no longer purchase vanilla extract or beans from a super market again. This is the finest vanilla I have ever used, bar none.
  57. 5 stars

    by Lorraine Voytko on Jan 3, 2013

    Best ever no doubt would NEVER buy the store version again.
  58. Loved it

    by Madelon Greenspan on Dec 21, 2012

    The vanilla made a huge difference in my coffee cake!
  59. very rich and strong

    by Scott haigh on Dec 4, 2012

    Have not used it yet but tastes great and smeels awesome.
  60. Fast shipping

    by Nancy Page on Nov 5, 2012

    Delicious flavor!
  61. I love it!!!i

    by Kimberly Boyko on Oct 30, 2012

    I was very impressed with the packing. I love Beanilla vanilla!!
  62. Very Nice

    by Justine Lombardi on Oct 11, 2012

    We have been using a small amount in our homemade cocco. This extract adds wonderful flavor.
  63. fast shipping, and really great item

    by Attila Szabó on Aug 15, 2012

    but the shipping price was a little bit high:)
  64. good quality

    by Janice Voss on Jul 15, 2012

    I like this product
  65. Superb vanilla extract

    by KF on Jun 7, 2012

    This is by far the best vanilla extract I have ever used and it is now my staple vanilla extract. The quality and price of the vanilla extract makes it an unbelievable value. Please never stop making it and many thanks for offering such a remarkable product.
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